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Hello folks! Happy New Years! Last year flew by…We have a lot of book projects planned for this year and are super excited about everything we hope to accomplish! Anyway, back in November, our good friend Abbi tagged us for this tag and we finally got around to it…lol…


  • Add the featured image (See the banner *waves to indicate it*)
  • Tag your post with #the remarkable blogger tag (Done!)
  • Pingback to original post (Done)
  • Mention the creator (Selina over at Simply Selina made this tag…a while back we beleive…lol…)
  • Share something unique about you (Oh, um…we’re tree sisters who write together? Is that unique?)
  • Answer the nine questions the person who nominated you has asked (Alright)
  • Ask 9 nine questions for your nominees (Oh boy….)
  • Nominate 10 – 15 people (Oh dear!)
  • Have fun! (Will do!)


  • How long have you been writing?

As a group we’ve been writing for 6 years…wow, how time flies!

  • What do you love to write the most?

Fantasy, because it’s very open. You can do anything you want…make up anything you want and have free reign with the story which is super fun!

  • Do you have a set time during the day that’s just for reading?

No, we don’t…we’re pretty busy most days so we read when and where we can…lol…

  • What’s been a book or series that you believe God brought to your life and blessed you with?

The obvious answer here is the Bible because that’s always a blessing to read.

The less obvious answer would be…um, hm…Probably The Green Ember Series, The Wingfeather Saga, and The Wars of the Realm series, they all really helped us grow as writers and encouraged our hearts!

  • When you have spare time, what do you do? (Aside from reading and writing?)

Jaidie: I draw or eat chocolate, you know the essentials.

Rissy: Watch the dog, clean the house, make cookies, go for a run…lol…I’m really efficient…hahaha…

Kayti: Wow, you just took away my whole life…lol…make graphics, crotchet, or think of unbelievable ways to make money…lol….

  • How do you enjoy serving the Lord?

This would have been a hard one except Dad has a great conversation with us yesterday about how art and writing are ways of serving the Lord, of taking the gifts He has given us and using them to bring glory to His name.

  • What’s your theme song? 

Just Breathe by Jonny Diaz…or These are the Things by Francesca Battistelli

  • If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Hm, hard one…but we’d probably go with Abbigail Raine B. and Saraina Whitney because we keep talking about the day the five of us are going to meet up…lol…

Technically that’s two people, but *shrugs* we like breaking non-important rules…lol….

  • What is one piece of advice you would give someone? 

Depends on the person but one piece that doesn’t matter who you are is, Trust Jesus with all your heart, even when times are hard. Because that doesn’t mean He’s not there, it just means you’ve lost sight of Him but He never loses sight of you.

Wow! That was fun…um, on to questions now!


  1. What was the first thing you ever wrote?
  2. How many ‘drafts’ do you have sitting around, either finished or unfinished?
  3. Do you have a pen name?
  4. A book that has influenced your writing the most? (Besides the Bible…)
  5. What would you do if someone accidentally deleted all of your writing stuff?
  6. A song that reflects your personality?
  7. Who is your favorite artist? (Meaning someone who draws, paints, sculpts…etc.)
  8. What’s one trope you can’t stand?
  9. What would you do if someone told you that you couldn’t write for a whole month?


Are we supposed to link these…probably, are we going to….not today, but we hope you guys stumble across this…lol…

Kristina Hall

Vanessa Hall

Joelle Stone

Grace A. Johnson

Saraina Whitney

Abbigail Raine B. (Right back at ya, Abbi)

Rose Q. Adams

Katja Labonte

Issabelle Perry

Joy C. Woodbury

We did it! *drops mic* Sisters Three out!

Alright, that was a lot of fun! What is one book or series that has deeply impacted you? What is your theme song? How do you serve the Lord?

We’ll see you all next time!


Sisters Three

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Hi, we're Kayti, Rissy, and Jaidie, a writing trio of sisters, living in the Southern Appalachians of Western North Carolina. The three of us are as thick as thieves as they say, whoever "they" are. We have four older siblings, a controlling German Shorthaired Pointer named Ruger, and a Mini Lop rabbit named Smallsy-Jo. We're homeschooled by our amazing mom and our dad is a pastor and avid plant hunter. Our dad encouraged us to start writing after he heard an elaborate story we made up, so we started writing things down, and eventually the things we wrote down actually made sense and now we're writers! Or aspiring writers anyway.

23 thoughts on “The Remarkable Blogger Tag

  1. I want to have lunch with you all and Abbi too!!! *jumps up and down excitedly* Ooo, same, I love how fantasy is so open, and there are really no rules, as opposed to historical fiction. XD It’s definitely the genre I’m most as home in when it come to writing. Haha, during Bible time a few days ago, my dad was also talking about how you can use your skills and talents, including art and writing, for God’s service! (We’re going through Exodus! 😉 )

    I’m excited to answer the questions! Thank you for tagging me! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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