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Welcome to June! (And May Round-Up!)

Hey y’all! So, we realized that our welcome to the month posts was mostly a round-up of the previous month…so we tagged that into the title…lol… We haven’t got a ton done this month, but we thought we’d dive into the updates, anyway. Our June goals are rather simple, though. We need to finish this…

Book Buff Tag (Kayti Edition)

Hey everyone! How you doin’? I’ve been super busy, and then we went on vacation, and then I covered for our receptionist at work while she went on vacation, but mom was off, so I didn’t have to do my normal work and make calls; thank the Lord! But anyway, that happened, and then I…

Welcome to May!

Welcome to May! Oh what a day! Where flowers bloom, And the birds sing! A land awakening From slumber deep Under the Master’s hand And Heaven’s eye! Hello folks! Kayti just made that little poem up and stuck it up there for your enjoyment or cringement…lol…you can decide!

A Warning for Writers

Hello mates, it’s been a long while since I’ve written anything like this, so I hope ye guys enjoy it and that it wasn’t too painful to read!


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 We want to deliver stories with strong morals and good values. We believe that stories are powerful! They impact people, and we, as writers determine whether it will be a good or bad impact. Too many stories in the world leave people feeling useless and hollow when the story is over, and we want to change that! This is why we strive to make our heroes and heroines have traits people can learn from. Traits that make them able to relate to a character. We want our stories to feel real, though they may be fiction. We want to spread messages of hope, redemption, and encourage everyone to be courageous! We want people to know that they are strong enough to face anything life throws at them! That they are never alone! 

Books are powerful. They can either build a person up or tear them down in a moment. We want to help build people up while still delivering a thoroughly enjoyable story! We want to change the world one story at a time!

This is the mission of Sisters Three.

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