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Cookie Lover Award

Okay, first off thanks to Heidi for nominating us for this award!!! Second off, sorry for disappearing for three weeks…though we were out of town for two of those three weeks and last week we were just really busy, but we’re back now and that’s all that matter’s, right?

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

What up people? We got nominated, yay! So, Vanessa tagged us, nominated whichever you want to call it…we’re told her debut novel, Unknown, is awesome! But we haven’t got around to reading it yet, but it’s on the list and we’re excited for when we finish some other books and make room for it! You can find Vanessa here.

Different for Jesus!

Being accepted is something we all want. We want to be accepted by our friends, our families, and people we don’t know. We want to be accepted by the world for who we are, yet we are afraid to show who we really are for fear of not being accepted. What complicated creatures’ we humans are.


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Our Mission:

Sisters Three is different from other writers because we are a team of sisters working together to bring stories to life. We help each other in our weak spots to ensure that each of us brings forward our best work.

 We want to deliver stories with good values. We believe that stories are powerful! They impact people and we as writers determine whether it will be a good or bad impact. There are too many stories in the world that leave people feeling useless and hollow when the story is over, and we want to change that! This is why we try to make our heroes and heroines have traits that people can learn from. Traits that make them able to relate to a character. We want our stories to feel real, though they may be fiction. We want to spread the messages of hope, and redemption, and encourage everyone to be courageous! We want people to know that they are strong enough to face anything life throws at them! That they are never alone! 

Books are powerful, they can either build a person up or tear them down in a moment. We want to help build people up while still delivering a story that is thoroughly enjoyable! We are not trying to preach at you we just want to help change the world one story at a time!

This is the mission of Sisters Three.

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