Phillips’ Apprentices

What are Phillips’ Apprentices, you ask? It’s our street gang, we mean street team! Lol…Phillips is a hard last name to put something with for a street team name, and first names were out of the question since there are three of us. So finally, Jaidie came up with Phillips’ Apprentices! Yay!

What’s a street team? Why should you join?

A street team is a group of people who help the author spread the word about their upcoming book releases. You’d be participating in cover reveals, blog tours, beta reading, and reviewing our books! In return, you’ll receive behind-the-scenes info, ARC copies, graphics, playlist access, and Pinterest boards, to name a few things…you’ll also get to hang out with us via the Street Team Exclusive Newsletter, which will either be a reward or a punishment, you’ll have to decide that…lol…

By clicking the button below it will take you to the form to join our street gang, *ahem* team! And our Newsletter!

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