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“A well-spun tale can transport listeners away from their humdrum lives and return them with an enlarged sense of the world.”

Jonathan Auxier
Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Who We Are

Kayti is an author, influencer, and virtual assistant, but mostly a dreamer wanting to spread the powers of stories to as many people as possible!

Rissy is an adventurer, author, and small business owner! She loves high stakes and action, and training dogs is one of her many past times!

Jaidie is an artist, author, and illustrator! She has a small online store where she sells shirts, mugs, character art, book covers, and so much more!

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Our Mission

We are a writing trio of sisters who want to deliver solid, Godly fiction and fantasy to the Middle-Grade and Young Adult audience! We strive to write stories that are:

  • Biblically Sound
  • Adventurous
  • Powerful
  • Uplifting
  • Enlightening

All while still being thoroughly enjoyable and fun! We believe in the power of stories, and we want to spread the light of our Savior far and wide!

Our Blog

  • Welcome to June! (And May Round-Up!)
    Hey y’all! So, we realized that our welcome to the month posts was mostly a round-up of the previous month…so we tagged that into the title…lol… We haven’t got a ton done this month, but we thought we’d dive into the updates, anyway. Our June goals are rather simple, though. We need to finish this last round…
  • Book Buff Tag (Kayti Edition)
    Hey everyone! How you doin’? I’ve been super busy, and then we went on vacation, and then I covered for our receptionist at work while she went on vacation, but mom was off, so I didn’t have to do my normal work and make calls; thank the Lord! But anyway, that happened, and then I was off most of this week and went back to work yesterday.
  • Get to Know My Character Tag (Jaidie’s Character Edition!)
    Hey-oh, guys! Today I decided to do something fun and interview my character, Dice, who is the MC of my YA Fantasy, The Guild of Thieves! I’m super excited to share a little piece of Dice with all of you, and I hope you enjoy this post!

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