Action and Adventure Movie Recommendations!

Hello everybody! I’ve got movie recs…lots and lots of them! I’m super excited to share my favorite movies with y’all! I’m gonna be doing more of these in the future in other categories such as western, comedy, and victorian!

Alright, first up a disclaimer…I’m reviewing these movies based on an entire family watching them from teens to littles…so, I made myself look bad…lol…honestly, when I got to thinking about it I was surprised about the number of movies we watch that just have one or two bad words…but I felt they were worth mentioning especially if you’re watching with littles. Also, if I say it has prolonged kissing I just mean it lasted longer than three seconds which to me is prolonged…lol…alright, now to the movies!!!

(Disclaimer: These movies are rated on my own thoughts from a Christian perspective)

Enjoyable Movies for Tweens and up

I’m breaking the movies into categories based on enjoyment because let’s face it…not all teens want to watch animated movies…right? Except for me…*holds HTTYD and Epic close* But sometimes you want something more…grown-up while still being fun! So here we go!

  • Beyond the Mask – Good movie, clean, Christian-made. It does have one scene that is a little too intense for kids under 12, in my opinion where a carriage blows up and such. I don’t remember if it’s rated PG or PG-13…but personally, I’d rate it at a soft PG-13 for violence and some scary images.
  • Jack the Giant Slayer – I love this one! Good, but it does have some language such as the D word and H word a few times and there is a brief unfinished F word at the end that is barely audible. For this and some violence and frightening images, I’d rate this at a high PG-13 (what my family likes to call 15+).
  • Lord of the Rings (Extended version) – Okay, I’m sure all of y’all have seen this before, but it is still awesome, right? For violence, intense action, and scary/disturbing images I’d rate it at an average PG-13.
  • The Hobbit (Extended version) – You can’t have LotR without the Hobbit! This one is awesome, and also has an epic dragon! For intense violence and scary images, I’d rate this at a high PG-13 (mainly because in this particular version there is a scene in The Battle Of The Five Armies where the dwarfs are on a wagon with spiked wheels that behead a ton of orcs, my sisters and I skip that scene).
  • Narnia – Good, clean movies. Clean enough to watch with the Littles! PG (5+ due to frightening images) 
  • The Forbidden Kingdom – Intriguing watch!  It does have some language such as the D word and S word in one scene but it can be easily skipped over or muted. If you decide to watch it, when you get to the part where the bullies break into the shop you can mute or skip the scene until you get to the part where Jason falls off the roof. For this and some intense violence, I’d rate this at an average PG-13.
  • The Adventurer: The Curse of the Madis Box – Good movie, clean. I’d rate it at PG. Though it is set in a late 1800’s hotel so there is a part where there’s a quick flash of an inappropriate painting on the wall. Nothing detailed but the painting is of people without any clothes on…it’s just a silhouette so no details but the whole figures are painted in skin tone…but if you keep your eyes on Mariah’s face you can miss it.
  • Original 6 Star Wars movies – Good family movies, clean. There are a few uses of the D word and the H word. PG-13 for language and scary images.
  • Solo – Best SW movie Disney’s made. There are uses of the D word and H and A word. PG-13 for language and intense action.
  • Rogue One – Good, sad…uses of the D word and H…PG-13 for language and violence
  • Kenobi – Okay, if there’s nothing else to watch…lol…it’s clean, there might be language, idk I might have fallen asleep because I was sick when we were watching it…lol…PG-13 for possible language and violence (I’m sorry guys…lol…).
  • The Mandalorian – Little slow for my taste but good. There are uses of the D and H words and possibly the S, I can’t really remember…PG-13 for language and violence.
  • Ivanhoe (1953) – A good clean movie! As for as I know there’s no language, it’s been a while since I watched it. Soft PG-13 for violence. (Also, until I looked it up I didn’t realize how old it was…lol…homeschool families…haha…)
  • BBC Robin Hood – Really awesome! No language, but there is quite a bit of violence such as, hanging, drowning, sword fighting, and shooting people multiple times, and torture such as branding, whipping, beating, all with an average amount of gore…and there are a few scenes where people kiss for long periods of time and even kiss on the neck a few times but nothing overly weird and it never goes anywhere. (Though there is an episode in season 3 where a character makes out with another character in bed…they’re not married. We just skipped over that scene or even skip the episode it’s about Archer…think the name Archer is even in the title, and honestly not a big fan of season three anyway) high PG-13 for intense action, violence, and frightening/disturbing images (15+).
  • 1990’s Zorro series – Really clean, good family movie. The only thing to watch out for when watching with the littles is a few too long kiss scenes, including some neck kissing, but it never goes anywhere.  PG for mild violence and action.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2 – (haven’t gotten around to the others yet) good, would recommend for an older audience of about 15 and up (high PG-13) for language (H word, possibly the D word) scary/disturbing images.  Violence, heavy drinking, some prolonged kissing, and mild crude humor.
  • Cinderella (live action by Disney) – completely clean, recommended for all ages. PG for high stakes.
  • Ever After – Best Cinderella retelling! A favorite! Recommend for 10 and up (high PG) as it contains prolonged kissing, mild violence, and there is a scene at the end that is kind of weird, basically this guy is flattering Daniele in the darkest way, trying to get her to kiss him, make out with him but the scene is interrupted before any of it can happen. 
  • Mirror Mirror – Good, clean, goofy moving. There is a scene where the villain poisons someone with a potion that was supposed to make another character love her but the potion was actually a puppy love potion so the other character starts licking her face and neck…it’s supposed to be funny but it’s just kinda weird…PG for mild violence and action.
  • Aladdin (live-action Disney) – Completely clean. Recommended for all ages. PG for action.
  • The Princess Bride – Classic! There is a torture scene where they use a machine to drain life…that’s just weird, we usually just skip over it. Buttercup is seen holding a knife to her chest but nothing comes of it. And one character is seen drunk… I’d put it at a Soft PG-13 for violence, scary images, drinking, and intense action.
  • Pan – This is a really good Peter Pan retelling!!! It does have the H word, but only once if I remember correctly. Soft PG-13 for language, violence, and intense action.
  • Peter Pan – I recommend it for all ages! PG for mild violence, action, crude humor and frightening images.
  • Dolittle – Cute movie for family movie night! PG, action, mild violence.

Family Friendly (All ages!)

  • How to Train Your Dragon all 3 movies – Clean all the way! Some vague kisses, scary images, and mild crude humor and action. It does mention the Viking gods but they are only mentions and obviously aren’t represented as real. (all ages!)
  • Dragons: Race to the Edge – Clean as the movies. Vague kisses, mild crude humor, action, and some scary images and mentions of the Viking gods, but again only mentions nothing else ever comes of them.
  • Epic – Love this one!!!!! 6+ (PG) only because it contains some dark scenes. The villain is betrayed as utter darkness, he is seen destroying life and he himself is a little creepy looking, if your kids/ younger siblings are afraid of monsters or scared of the dark you might want to skip this one.  It contains frightening images, violence, and action.
  • Justin and the Knights of Valor – Pretty good, goofy yet good story.  PG (all ages!) For mild violence and action.
  • Wingfeather Saga – Completely clean!! Mild violence, action, and some mild scary images. PG (all ages!)
  • Tangled – Good, clean. Recommended all ages. PG for mild violence, action, and some frightening images.
  • Mulan – Recommended for all ages! They do pray to their ancestors who ‘answer’ and send Mushu to help Mulan. We see the ancestors’ ghosts on screen talking. Recommended for an older sibling or parent to watch with the littles so you can explain what is happening and that it is not true. PG for mild violence, and action.
  • Brave – Intriguing,  funny movie! It does have a witch in it and she makes potions and is a little creepy and dark for kids under 6. There is a strong teenage rebellion from the main character that leads to yelling and even admitting that she hates her mother. And there is a scene where the bare backside of the men and boys are seen…PG for mild violence, frightening images, and crude humor.
  • Rise of the Guardians – Like this movie, good and clean. The villain is a little creepy, if your kids/younger siblings struggle with nightmares I would skip over this one due to the fact that Pitch (the villain) is the creator of nightmares. PG for action.


Alright, what did you guys think? Would you like more of these posts? How many of these movies have you seen? What’s your favorite action/adventure movie and why should I watch it? Let me know in the comments below!

God Bless!


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14 thoughts on “Action and Adventure Movie Recommendations!

  1. Thank You! I know and love about half of the list and will look up the others.
    Note about Pirates of the Caribbean, (I have seen all but one) the characters tend to get a bit trashy in the later ones, I didn’t like the dark magic either.

    Thanks again for the list!

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  2. i love these posts sm! helps me find some decent things to watch lol. i’ll definitely be checking out some of the ones y’all recommended for tweens and up (seeing as i am a teen lol). thanks, girls!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha, I feel sheltered when it comes to movies, didn’t really branch out much beyond the kiddo films. XD
    I love the list! And some of those I’ve never heard of, I’ll have to check them out! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahh, this is an epic list, Rissy!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this!! I can’t wait to watch Ever After…I know I’ll love it!! (And yeah, I hated that part in Mirror, Mirror where she got the puppy potion. That was so weird, lol.) Eeeeee, the Wingfeather Saga is on this list!! We’ve watched all the episodes so far and enjoy it so much! (Though some of my siblings have complaints because it doesn’t perfectly follow the books…which I get. I do wish it followed them more closely, but it’s still fun to watch, haha.)

    Wonderful post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the list!!! Yes! You’ll love, love, love Ever After!!!! (Yeah, just very weird…lol…) Yes! (*High fives some of your siblings* Same, I wish it followed the books more closely, but it’s still a good show, I really like the music and the dragons!)

      Thank you!

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  5. *raises hand* I’m a teen who loves animated movies! XD Croods, anyone? Emperor’s New Groove? XD Great list! I’ve seen most of those and LOVE them! Well, except for Pirates of the Caribbean. *makes face* Not my favorite. I’ll have to look up Ever After, ’cause I love Cinderella. XD Thanks for the list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I forgot to put The Croods and Emperor’s New Groove!!! How dare I…lol…
      Hahaha, I get that, my mom’s not a Pirates of the Caribbean fan either…Yes! Ever After is the best Cinderella ever in my opinion!!!!


  6. Yyaaaayyy! Good movies! Of course I have my own list I’d add to that…lol…but I’ll have to remember this post!
    Have you ever watched “The Court Jester”? Ahh, it is hilarious! Our whole family watches it cause it’s fairly clean. It’s an old movie, not black and white though.

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