About Us

Sisters Three

Hi, we’re Kayti, Rissy, and Jaidie Phillips, a writing trio of sisters living in the Southern Appalachians of Western North Carolina. The three of us are as thick as thieves as they say, whoever “they” are.

We have two older sisters and two older brothers, a controlling German Shorthaired Pointer named Ruger, and a Mini Lop rabbit named Smallsy-Jo. We’re homeschooled (or were, Kayti graduated) by our amazing Mom and our Dad is a pastor and avid plant hunter.

 Our Dad encouraged us to start writing after he heard an elaborate story we made up to act out with our extensive collection of little horse figures (yeah, we collect them, don’t judge we have over 200). Anyway, so we started writing things down, and eventually the things we wrote down actually made sense and now we’re writers!

We enjoy writing, rabbits, playing with Ruger, admiring horses, mystical creatures (Dragons, Griffins, Phoenixes, and such), hiking, listening to music, goofing off, spending time with our family, and glorifying our Creator!

Oh, and rambling about whatever book series we’re geeking out about at the moment.

Oh, and Ice Cream! Who doesn’t like Ice Cream? And chocolate! The darker the better!

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Ello, my name is Kaytlin Phillips, but I go by Kayti. I have an obsession with the written word, ever since I can remember, I have read everything I can get my hands on! I love words…lol…and I might have a slight obsession with pens and notebooks, don’t tell anyone.

My other loves (which are many) include a various assortment of animals, dragons, griffins, art, fun facts, nature, the color blue, crocheting, and the smell of old books!

And yes, I talk to myself, I think all bookishly crazy people do…

You can also find me at Writers’ Vision.


Hiya! My name is Marisa Phillips, but I prefer to be called Rissy. I love writing, my dad encouraged me to start writing and my sisters supported me and I can’t thank them enough!

I adore all animals! I like baking with my mom, teasing my sisters, cuddling with our dog Ruger, and trying to make other people smile!

I also LOVE chocolate and ice cream!


Hey-Oh everyone, my name is Jaiden Phillips but I like being called Jaidie because it sounds fun! I love music, movies, rainbows, chocolate of any kind, and BOOKS, of course! I also love dogs, horses, any kind of big cat, foxes, bunnies, and dragons. I love, like love DRAGONS if they were real I’d so have one!

I like to pass the time listening to music, writing, reading, and drawing, I love drawing, especially dragons and bunnies! I also like goofing off and talking non-stop to my sisters about the books I’m reading. Yeah, that’s all I have to say about myself so bye!

Oh, and I love pink and purple!