Books in Editing

Books in Editing

The Dragon Prince Chronicles: Book II

By: Kaytlin, Marisa, & Jaiden Phillips

Genre: YA Christian Fantasy

Currently in: Chapter 4

“Like that’s going to stop us,” Kahtan said with a smirk. Who did Maisley think she was to order them around?

“Right, I can steal as muckle food as I want right oot of the kitchen.” Sage chuckled.

“Thank ye for the tip Sage, I’ll be sure tae place extra guards aroon the kitchen. Noo, ye lads best be a gettin’ dressed. I’ll see ye at supper.” Maisley waved in an infuriating manner before practically prancing out of the room.

The Never-Ending Trail

By: Kaytlin, Marisa, & Jaiden Phillips

Genre: MG Contemporary/ Sci-Fi

    Riley Durlan is a rational and spoiled boy who enjoys playing pranks on his sister and hating his neighbor Issi.

   Issi Twingo is hard of hearing, snobby, and her neighbor Riley is her arch-nemesis.

   Colton Leland just moved to town, for about the fifteenth time, he and his dad are always moving, especially after the divorce.

   On a field trip gone wrong, the three are forced to work together when they become separated from the group and stuck on a trail that never ends.

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