Books in Editing

Books in Editing

Unfortunate Events: The Dragon Prince Chronicles: 1

By: Kaytlin Phillips, Marisa Phillips, and Jaiden Phillips

Genre: YA Fantasy

Lies are worn as masks, darkness threatens, and fear spreads like fire.

Mazleah has lost its Crowned Prince and the kingdom stands on the edge of ruin. When Kahtan Faber is forced into the King’s army and dragged off to Battles End Training Camp, it feels like his life is over. To top matters off his team is a joke, a brogue-speaking street boy, a secretive lordling, his hometown bully, and him, a Blacksmith’s son who’s never wielded a blade.

When secrets about his teammates are revealed, secrets that could shake Mazleah to its core, Kahtan must decide whether to stand with his team or with his country.

The Never-Ending Trail

By: Kaytlin Phillips, Marisa Phillips, and Jaiden Phillips

Genre: MG Contemporary/ Sci-Fi

    Riley Durlan is a rational and spoiled boy who enjoys playing pranks on his sister and hating his neighbor Issi.

   Issi Twingo is hard of hearing, snobby, and her neighbor Riley is her arch-nemesis.

   Colton Leland just moved to town, for about the fifteenth time, he and his dad are always moving, especially after the divorce.

   On a field trip gone wrong, the three are forced to work together when they become separated from the group and stuck on a trail that never ends.


By: Kaytlin Phillips

Genre: MG Fantasy

After falling from his treebound home as a kit Skyview is terrified of heights, the only problem: He’s a squirrel.

He’s always lived in terrified, happiness in Haven Heights the only thing marring it, his questions about his father and faith. When Haven Heights is attacked, Skyview is rescued by a group of squirrels who knew his father, whom they won’t talk about.

Pursued by the enemy who destroyed his home, haunted by the secrets sounding him, and with dangerous enemies around every turn can Skyview find the answers he seeks and face his fear of the heights?

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