Books in Editing

Books in Editing

The Never-Ending Trail

By: Kaytlin, Marisa, & Jaiden Phillips

Genre: MG Contemporary/ Sci-Fi

    Riley Durlan is a rational and spoiled boy who enjoys playing pranks on his sister and hating his neighbor Issi.

   Issi Twingo is hard of hearing, snobby, and her neighbor Riley is her arch-nemesis.

   Colton Leland just moved to town, for about the fifteenth time, he and his dad are always moving, especially after the divorce.

   On a field trip gone wrong, the three are forced to work together when they become separated from the group and stuck on a trail that never ends.

The Guild of Thieves

By: Jaiden Phillips

Genre: YA Fantasy

“Being a thief is easy, but getting caught…now, that’s when it gets tricky.”

Dice is a street boy in the poor district of Raheren, forced to be what he must to survive. A liar, cheat, and thief. But just like all thieves in Arkrindon he abides by the rules of thieves, stick with your unit, stay in your district, and don’t get caught.

When Dice is jumped by another group of thieves trespassing in pickpocket territory, things quickly escalate. These aren’t just any thieves, this is a whole new breed of thieves, ones who don’t play by the rules. Rogues, burglars, and pickpockets have come together, abandoning districts and uniting under one man, Azic, the master of The Guild of Thieves.

For his freedom and the lives of his unit, the Guild presents a deal: Steal the King’s Jewel or watch everyone in his unit die. If he steals the jewel he’s dooming the kingdom but if he doesn’t everyone he cares about will pay the price.

6 thoughts on “Books in Editing

  1. The Never-Ending Trail looks really interesting! And I love your group name.
    My name is E. Joy, and I am also a young writer. I think it’s awesome what you girls are doing and the books you have written. God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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