Emotional Commotion Blog Tour Finale!

Hello y’all! Today is the last day of the Emotional Commotion Blog Tour! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the tour it means so very much to me!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

So, today Emotional Commotion was published as a Paperback!!!!! Eeek! We had a tech issue on Wednesday, the cover got thrown out when I submitted it but Kayti was able to get that fixed and published on time! Thankfully! So you can grab a physical copy of Emotional Commotion on Amazon by clicking the button below!

I’m so blessed to have had so much backing from you all on this project and honestly cannot thank you guys enough!!!

God Bless!

Your friend,


Published by Rissy

Hiya, my name is Marisa Phillips but please call me Rissy. I love writing, music, dragons, phoenixes (Flaming birds? Come on, that's awesome!) lions, foxes, rabbits, dogs (I also like a tons of other animals but don't have room to list them), baking with my mom, teasing my sisters, cuddling with our dog Ruger, and trying to make other people smile!

8 thoughts on “Emotional Commotion Blog Tour Finale!

  1. WOOHOO!!!! This was such a fun blog tour!!! Congratulations on your amazing debut!!! ❤ *pulls out the confetti* (And glad the cover problem got fixed!)

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