Emotional Commotion Blog Tour Kick-Off!!!

Woo-hoo!!! Hello folks! Today is the kick-off for the Emotional Commotion Blog Tour!!! I am so excited!!! Just so excited to share all about my debut anthology with you guys!

Eeek! Right now, Emotional Commotion is available as an ebook and on Friday the paperback will release!!!

Here’s the purchase link.

So, here is a little info about the book and tour!

About the Book:

A whirlwind of emotions…creating a commotion in your soul.

Emotions are a part of everyday life. Something we feel and think…and live. Often they overpower us pouring out in a commotion of actions or words. This collection is comprised of five short stories based on, Love, Loyalty, Bravery, Joy, and Forgiveness to take you deep into the souls of the characters and let you experience their Emotional Commotion.

Blog Tour Schedule!

Monday, Oct. 24th

Sisters Three – Blog Tour Launch Announcement 

Kylie Beevers – Spotlight and Author Interview

Tuesday, Oct. 25th

The Introspective Introvert -Author Interview, Story Quote, and Spotlight

Writers’ Vision – Spotlight

Wednesday, Oct. 26th

Saraina Whitney – Interview and Story Quote

Issabelle Perry – Author Interview

Lorelei Angelino – Story Quote, Spotlight, Review

M. C. Kennedy – Spotlight

Vanessa Hall – Spotlight and Story Quote

Thursday, Oct. 27th

Kristina Hall – Review and Story Quote

Joy C. Woodbury – Review

The Rainy Day Writer – Review

Writers’ Vision – Interview

Friday, Oct 28th

Saraina Whitney – Review

Old Fashioned Book Love – Review and Spotlight

Vanessa Hall – Review

Sisters Three – End of Tour Post


So, there is all the info you need for the tour…oh, but Sarah Twilight posted a review of Emotional Commotion on her Youtube Channel, which you can check out here. She’s trying to get 50 subscribers before the end of the year, so give her a hand if you can, you won’t regret it!

Okay, that is that.

How are you guys? Excited about Emotional Commotion? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

God Bless!

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Hiya, my name is Marisa Phillips but please call me Rissy. I love writing, music, dragons, phoenixes (Flaming birds? Come on, that's awesome!) lions, foxes, rabbits, dogs (I also like a tons of other animals but don't have room to list them), baking with my mom, teasing my sisters, cuddling with our dog Ruger, and trying to make other people smile!

13 thoughts on “Emotional Commotion Blog Tour Kick-Off!!!

  1. I’m so excited to see a new clean book hit the stores! Thank you so much for persevering! It’s peoples like ya’ll that change the world! God bless!

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    1. Eeeeeee!!! Me too!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Ack, thank so much!!!! *wipes confetti from eyes and stuffs chocolate in face, then looks around, “oh, did you guys want some chocolate?*

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