Nano Updates and News!

Hello folks! How’s it going? It has been one of the prettiest falls ever down here in the south and we are tickled pink as we say round here! So, we’ve got some exciting bits and pieces for y’all and we’re so sorry this post wasn’t up sooner…but this week has been CRAZY! We had a fall festival with our Homeschool group today and yeah, it was crazy and fun!

Lol…so, let’s get to the fun stuff, shall we?

First up, we’re all doing Nano! Though a bit different…lol…so, let us explain one at a time…


Okay, so my plans have changed a tiny bit…just a bit. I’m going for the 50k goal but it will broken into two different projects because, well, Dice refused to finish his book. *glares at Dice* He just has to keep getting into trouble which takes me forever to dig him out of…lol…

So, the first part of the month I will be working on Dice’s book, until I finish it! (Almost at 50k in it! Yay!) And then the next half, if this works like it’s supposed to, will be me working on my new idea, currently called Keithen’s book!


I’m working on a new project called Bound by Fate. My goal is simply to write everyday this month! Because normally I only write every few days, this will push me to write every day.

Bound by Fate is a YA Fantasy, sort of romance with a Cinderella-ish twist, a dash of Sleeping Beauty, and touch of Aladdin…with gobblins, dragons, and yeah, a bunch of other things tossed in just to make everything really fun!


I’m going for the 50k Nano goal and hoping to finish my project within that time, but we’ll see about that…lol…My project is a YA Fantasy/Romance titled Emberling, and here is my unofficial blurb!

Iya is an Emberling, a race of people charged by Elohim to shepherd Englewood by using the fire in their blood to contain the creatures and monsters within the forest. But the mistakes of a few have sent her people into hiding. Men hunt them like beast, killing every Emberling in sight.

Malcolm Cabe has one goal in life, to destroy the Emberlings, a task he feels Elohim would approve of. The creatures are hard to catch but everyone he kills means that the world of Eriu is closer to peace. But when he rescues a girl from the clutches of slaving giants, he never intended to fall for her. But Iya is unlike any girl he has ever met.

As the creatures of Englewood continue to break free and spread ruin across Eriu, Iya must tell Malcolm what she truly is and pray that he now understands that Emberlings are not what they seem.

Kaytlin Phillips

And Finally

Our dear, dear, one of our bestest (has stuck with her for almost four years) friends Abbigial has launched her blog!!!! Haha, we are so stoked and just so excited for her! She is amazing! Her advice and wisdom is always such a blessing and we are excited to welcome her to the blogging community, so please click the link and sub to her blog, we promise you won’t regret it!

And that is all folks! How is Nano going for those participating? If you’re not doing Nano we’d still love to know how your writing is coming, or editing, or whatever it is you do! Did you check out Abbi’s blog? What do you think of our projects?

Oh, and we almost forgot, for the month of Novemeber we will only be posting once a week on Friday’s with Nano updates! (We’re not sure if next Friday will be our update day or not…we’re staying at our Nana’s one evening and day but don’t know when that is yet…)

Whelp, thon’s all folks!


Sisters Three

Published by Sisters Three

Hi, we're Kayti, Rissy, and Jaidie, a writing trio of sisters, living in the Southern Appalachians of Western North Carolina. The three of us are as thick as thieves as they say, whoever "they" are. We have four older siblings, a controlling German Shorthaired Pointer named Ruger, and a Mini Lop rabbit named Smallsy-Jo. We're homeschooled by our amazing mom and our dad is a pastor and avid plant hunter. Our dad encouraged us to start writing after he heard an elaborate story we made up, so we started writing things down, and eventually the things we wrote down actually made sense and now we're writers! Or aspiring writers anyway.

11 thoughts on “Nano Updates and News!

  1. Yay for NaNo! I’m also doing a strange NaNo-ish twist— trying to meet the 50k goal across ALL of my works in progress. So similar to what Jaidie’s doing. Do you guys have NaNoWriMo accounts?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! We hope you hit that 50k goal!!! You got this, Eden!
      No, we don’t. We’re just doing it as a group…Jaidie has an email buddy, Kayti is doing it with some YWW friends, and Rissy is just doing it!


  2. WOOHOO!!! Those projects sound so good!!! Lol, Jaidie, I hope you’re able to dig Dice out of the trouble he’s getting himself into soon, and eeee, I LOVE the sound of Bound by Fate and Emberling!!! Good luck on your goals, my friends!! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Those Nano stories all sound amazing. Can’t wait to hear more about them! I’m participating in Nano for the first time this year, and really enjoying it so far. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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