‘A Letter for the King’ Movie Review and a Call to Action!

Heya guys, so um, today I’ll be doing a movie review on “A Letter for the King”. This was supposed to post last Friday but the week got away from us.

So, I don’t know if you guys have seen this or not, but I’m going to do a review on it anyways, cuz I’m going to try my best to put forth my point and give you guys a call to action. 🙂

So, my sisters and I were so excited to watch this, for starters, the title was so interesting and caught our eyes. We also saw a clip from the movie that was just like, wow! So, we thought ‘Why not, we’ll try this!’ 

We did and we fell in love with it. It was so good to be a fantasy series and had no gory images. It was a clean movie, which you don’t find often. Anyways my sisters and I were down to the last episode, we were so excited! There was a big plot twist and we were just so confused and wanted to see what happened…but then when we watched the last episode we were so disappointed. Not even halfway through the last episode, a gay scene was revealed, two of the boys in it suddenly became a ‘thing’.

It was disappointing and not even necessary since none of the boys were like that until that one scene, it was just out of the blue! They could’ve made a beautiful friendship, because that’s what all the boys had, but no they ruined it.

Other kids younger than us are watching this series and these things because they don’t know better, and the show was only rated PG. It makes me mad, it’s disgusting, not Biblical, and just not right how Netflix, Disney, Prime, or any other company can put these things into children’s movies! What other movies have this? Well…

I’m going to make a list of family and children’s movies my sisters and I have stumbled upon in the last few years that contain LGBTQ+ scenes.

Pixar’s Onward

Yes, you guys are probably like, “that’s a clean movie.” But in reality, it’s not. They snuck something in there at the part with the cop. If you listen carefully the female cop mentions her wife.

Jungle Cruise

Again, you’re probably thinking this is a fine movie, but it’s not. The girl’s brother acts weird and in one scene says he isn’t interested in girls and that his interests lie ‘elsewhere’ it never said it but it was pretty suggestive.

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

Yes, you guys might have missed this one, but it actually does have a scene towards the very end that you could easily miss. In the background when everyone is hugging each other two women kiss.

Home Sweet Home Alone

A very suggestive scene in this one when the boy comes out dressed in his mother’s clothes and seems to like it.


A Disney special…most of these are. At the very end of the movie, it shows two men with a baby.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

At the end of the series, it shows two men together with a baby.


On the end scene of this movie, it shows several LGBTQ+ couples receiving babies.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals

The teacher that comes in mentions his husband or boyfriend, can’t remember turned it off as soon as he said it.

Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)

They had to go and ruin the end of my favorite fairytale. It’s got two separate scenes towards the very end that are pretty obviously LGBTQ+.

What has our world come to with these children’s movies having this stuff in them? It is unnecessary and our kids watch these movies and shows every day. It just shouldn’t happen. Anytime my sisters and I come across one we turn it off, but still…

The point is it’s hard to enjoy a movie anymore without having these little scenes in it that have nothing to do with the story. Scenes that are just slipped in hoping parents won’t notice as it indoctrinates our children to think that it’s okay.

We need more good movies in this world because between the gore, cursing, and LGBTQ+ scenes slipped in it’s getting hard. Parents, and older siblings, we seriously need to start watching movies before we let kids watch them!! Cuz, honestly movies hide a lot more than you think and your kids are watching them because we think nothing about stuff. We brush it off with a, ‘Oh, it’s PG it’s safe.’ No, it’s not!

Not only do we need to watch things before letting our kids or younger sibling watch them, but if we stumble across something we know isn’t right, we need to let our others know. I know, ridicule and haters will come, but you keep others from watching that movie and thus hurt the companies where it hurts most. Every time we watch one of those movies, whether on a free streaming platform or one we pay for, that company gets paid, that movie gets another view making it more popular, and this cycle will continue.

Stand up against the secular, woke culture. Guard the hearts and minds of the innocent and honor God in all you do.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone in this post and I’d like to know in the comments if you agree with what I’m saying? (Please keep the comments civil if you don’t agree, if they are not civil I will not approve them.)

If you like this post, please share it so it reaches as many people as possible! We as Christians need to give other people, and most importantly families, a heads up about what’s in these movies. We need to stand strong.

God Bless each and every one of you!

Your Friend,


Published by Rissy

Hiya, my name is Marisa Phillips but please call me Rissy. I love writing, music, dragons, phoenixes (Flaming birds? Come on, that's awesome!) lions, foxes, rabbits, dogs (I also like a tons of other animals but don't have room to list them), baking with my mom, teasing my sisters, cuddling with our dog Ruger, and trying to make other people smile!

37 thoughts on “‘A Letter for the King’ Movie Review and a Call to Action!

  1. I agree and it’s sad. Whenever I watch things like that I get this really uncomfortable feeling. It’s hard because I’m close to someone who is gay. I have to love them even if I don’t agree with them, and I’m definitely keeping them (and everyone else) in my prayers.

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  2. Ah yes…the idea of movies. My fam and I don’t really watch movies…it’s just not our thing. But, I completely, whole heartedly agree. We do need to stand up for our messed up world and guard ourselves. Not only that, but guard our hearts and minds with the Belt of Truth from our Heavenly Father: Jesus Christ. The guy who took the punishment that we deserved and cursed the grave right along with it. Crucified for that day, the days in the past, and the days we face at this moment…and to the moments to come. We need to guard ourselves. Be witnesses. Be a light to the nations! That our God, is the ONE, AND ONLY, true savior. We are called to be that light…to bear witness to His light. Even if it takes some hurt along with it. Real discipleship isn’t supposed to be a stumbling block to the world…no, we’re supposed to be different! To be set-apart! Honestly, it pains me to see our world falling apart (Jesus, please help them), but I know this one thing: Be a steward of the manifold grace of God because the end of all times is approaching. We don’t know when. But till that day, we speak truth. Love. And we shine our light. And I know, that light will not be drenched! No matter how many buckets of water get poured on it. It will not be put out. It will spread. And God bless, may it start a wildfire!

    Anyway, I love this post. It brings to light so many hidden, twisted things of the fleshly desire of humanity. Thank you gals, for saying this.

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    1. Wow! That was beautiful! Yes! Preach it sister!!! EVERYONE READ KYLIE’S COMMENT!!!!
      Wow!!!! So well said! Thank you for sharing!!!!

      Thank you so much!!!!!


  3. ARGH YES THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! We desperately need better media out there, from movies to books to audio dramas to podcasts. This is the call of every Christian author out there: to create something that you would be ok with Jesus reading. Thanks so much for this post!! Definitely a must-share. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading, Joelle! Yes! We do really do!!! Oh, I love that idea! Creating something we would be okay with Jesus reading, yes! Such a high calling!

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  4. I mean, it kind of stinks that it’s in all of that, but would you rather have a throwaway line or a LGBTQ+ centric film in the vein of *Love, Simon*?

    A lot of stuff on that list is so minor I either didn’t notice or it didn’t phase me.

    Curiously, what do you mean about him acting weird in Jungle Cruise? He just felt more posh than Lily, I couldn’t sense he was gay until he mentioned it.

    (also if you want to watch second born royals, it’s a pretty good knockoff X-Men movie, it was just an unnecessary throwaway line haha)

    Obviously though, if you don’t feel comfortable watching these because of the scenes or lines, don’t. 😀

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    1. It really does stink, it’s becoming so prevalent in our culture and it’s sad because it goes so far against what the Bible says. We don’t watch movies with any mentions of LGBTQ+ because God has made it very clear it is not something He approves of in anyway. Like He destroyed Sodom and Gomora for just this reason, Homosexuality is something we will not tolerate on any level. But just like anything, this is between each individual and God and these are the standards we have set for ourselves based on what the Bible says.
      Thank you so much for commenting!

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  5. very helpful post! i agree with all of this. in today’s society, people are deeming too many things appropriate for kids (and teens!) to watch/read. it’s very disappointing. it’d be nice if y’all also did a post with good, clean movies/shows for teens!

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    1. So glad to hear that, thank you for reading! And yes! I totally agree it is very disappointing! Awesome idea! I’ll be working on that! Might do a series of posts on all different genres, we’ve watched a lot of movies and shows that a lot of people haven’t seen or don’t know about because they’re a little bit old…haha…

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  6. Amen, girl!!!
    Had never seen that part in The Rise of Skywalker, thanks for telling me. Disney is overall pretty bad. The symbolism and stuff is just not God-honoring. I only watched a few of the movies you mentioned, so yeah.
    The worst of it all I’d probably the symbolism. I mean, they put in Free Mason signs and such in their movies, and the Free Masons are..Well, evil. Like in National Treasure; I felt like the whole plot by itself was pathetic, but on top of that, trying to mix free masonry with our constitution?? Yuck.
    I’ll be thinking about who I should send it to…thanks!

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    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, it’s really easy to miss, we didn’t notice till our third time watching it. Which is discouraging because we went to see it twice in theatre!
      Yeah, some weird symbolism. Funny thing is…my dad is big into church history, American history, and as a pastor understanding other religions to better able combat their arguments. But anyway, we watched a series called America Unearthed which is interesting….like very interesting….the signs, symbols, and free mason connections in various important American buildings, statues and such is interesting. It’s a neat show, minus the guys goes off the deep end when he does episodes on the Knights Templar (which are connected to Free Masonry) but he has a weird theory about Jesus and Mary Magdalen and such, but his stuff on American History is very enlightening if you ever want to study further on it.


  7. I agree with you!!! It’s so annoying when that happens, and I go to a charter school but we still have issues with that, and it’s not right! God made you who you are, and kids should hear that instead of the other stuff! It’s so annoying when you have a good show, book, or movie and people ruin it.

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    1. Yes, I’m sorry to hear that. But yes, God made you as you are and He doesn’t make mistakes! Yes, so annoying! Thank you so much for your comment! (Miss chatting with you!)


      1. Yes, it’s everywhere these days! I know, it’s so unbiblical and really not something for kids, teens, or adults… Thank you for writing this! (Miss chatting with you too)

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  8. You preach it, sister!!!! This is why last month I decided to stop watching Disney +. All they want to do is shove woke agendas down my throat, and I have better things to fill my mind with. They’re not getting any more of my time, especially when I already have a hard time finding time to read my Bible and prayer. Jesus comes first! And I am with you that we need to honor God in all that we do!!!

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    1. Hahaha, thank you! Us too! And now we are taking a break from our Firestick and watching from our DVD collection, nice and safe movies our parents have collected over the years. 🙂 Yes! I’m so glad you agree! Thank you for your comment!

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    2. yes. me and my family have cancelled Disney+ and Netflix because of all the horrible content they produce. Glad to hear i’m not the only one lol

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  9. Oh, gosh. The same thing happened to us with a Netflix show we were watching. Everything was perfectly fine, then boom! *groans*

    That’s why we’ve always tried to look for content reviews – Plugged In, Common Sense Media, even the IMDB parent’s guide. Even though the secular ones don’t cast that stuff in a negative light, they at least mention it so we know what kind of junk is in a show or movie.

    Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for speaking out about this, Rissy!!! It disgusts me how many children’s shows and movies are FILLED with this crap – and how many “good, Christian” people don’t care! *sighs* We need more people who are willing to stand for truth and not comprise on what God says! <333

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    1. Ahh, hate it happened to you too!

      Yes, definitely gonna be checking our reviews more often…

      Of course, thank you for reading! Yes! I so agree with you…often I wonder what our world is coming….*shakes head* Thank you so much for your comment!

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  10. Oh, Rissy, I totally agree! Thank you so much for bringing this up – it’s so important to talk about. It’s disgusting to see how many “innocent” movies (movies we think are for kids) are full of such garbage.

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  11. Argh, this is so sad!!!! I really appreciate you shouting out the movies with this kinda stuff in it – thank you, Rissy!! I have another one to mention; Doctor Strange 2 has a girl with two moms in it. (And trust me, no one should feel like they’re missing out on it either – it’s pretty lame and has pitifully stale dialogue, and I’m not even scared of the villains, much less do I relate with the MCs. It’s honestly the worst Marvel movie I’ve seen to date, I think lol.) I hate how so many of these movies sneak this content in at the very end when you’ve already gotten to love the story and all!

    But anyway, thank you for this post, Rissy!!!

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    1. It really is! Oh, one of the girls at our homeschool group had mentioned that. Yes it is aggravating! It does seem to generally be the ending scenes, so they get the money from you watching it, argh!

      Of course! Thank you for reading!

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  12. So proud of you girls for standing up to this ridiculous, unbilical, woke nonsense, and I’m so sorry you had to see that nastiness. I already knew about the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” and I’d heard Star Wars was going off the rails in a major way, so I never bothered with those movies, and the others I’d either neither heard of or they didn’t interest me.

    Might I recommend PluggedIn reviews? It’s a faith-based site that reviews music, books, movies, and TV shows and provides content warnings, etc.. My family refers to it extensively and it’s helped us avoid problematic movies.

    Keep standing strong!

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    1. Thank you so much, Madi! We are definitely gonna be looking up any movies or series we watch from now on…lol….we took a break from our Firestick for now and are watching from our extensive DVD collection. Thank you so much for reading!

      Yes, PluggedIn is a good place for reviews, if we’d just remember to keep Kayti’s phone handy so we can look things up. 🙂

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  13. I totally agree with everything you said! It’s annoying how they have to change what would be amazing stories with the indoctrination the world is trying to shove down people’s throats!

    They’re doing this with PBS kids shows too! They had Mr. Ratburn on Arthur get “married”, and then there’s apparently an Odd Squad episode where the team helps two women perform their “wedding” ceremony! Oh my tater tots! 😫

    ….. This is just something small I’ve happened to notice… maybe it’s just me… but does it seem, to anyone else, that male gays are more prevalent than females? Or is it just me?

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    1. Yes, agreed!

      No way! Ack! That is just so sad….btw oh, my tater tots…lol…I love that and am so going to start using that expression!

      It does seem to be that way…interesting thought…Thank you so much for your comment!!!


      1. You’re welcome!
        Lol, yeah, some of my friends have begun to borrow my expression too… I like saying that because it sounds funny, and it isn’t as risky as saying omgosh, and it has more ring to it than omgoodness. 😜

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