Liebster Award #3

So, this is incredibly terribly horribly overdue (and not only because it was supposed to post yesterday…lol…) Kylie Beevers tagged us for this like, three months ago!!! Lol…we kind of filled it out and forgot about it and found some other tags from June! *Ducks heads in embarrassment*

Anyway, we are here now and we have this nice tag for you all to read and hopefully laugh at because we like being random and funny, actually, we’re just random in general and most people find it funny…lol…so, enjoy our randomness!

  1. Bow or Sword?

Both!!! Bows are awesome, Robin Hood anyone? Swords are also awesome! Zorro anyone?

  1. Do you like cheesecake

We LOVE cheesecake!!!! It is SO good!!! It’s our dad’s favorite!!!!

  1. If you had to pick one character to kill in your WIP, who would it be?

Um, spoiler! We’re working on a series right now…and the first book is with betas, and it would so spoil if we told who it would be because we are going to kill off said character…Sorry guys, guard your hearts Dragon Prince Chronicles book 3 is going to crush you…and us!!! *Dissolves into tears on each other shoulders even though we have yet to write it*

  1. What is your favorite Middle-Grade Fiction Fantasy? Not including your own…

Oh, um….The Green Ember Series, Wingfeather Saga, Endling Series, and probably others but right now all we’re thinking is YA…Chuck Black YA to be specific…lol…

5. Would you rather listen to snazzy jazz or piano classics?

Snazzy Jazz, our dad got us into it…lol….

6. If you had to pick one word to say for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hi, that way you can always get someone’s attention….then you can write whatever you need to say.

7. Can you eat a lemon whole? Skin and all?

No….gross. Without the skin maybe….but with the skin no….

8. What is your favorite word?

Oh, good one….um, ‘Sup’ haha, we love going up to random people and saying that….oh, but we have it! Favorite word!!! You guys are going to love it!

Bahookey! It’s Scottish for…ahem, the buttocks…hahaha…but it’s so fun to say!!!!!

Oh, or Whazit! Never heard of it? That’s because it’s a Matthew-ism….(basically instead of saying what is it, our older brother mushes it all together into whazit…lol….) He also says Tooken which is pretty great too!!!!

9. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Jaidie is neither….lol…Rissy and Kayti are night owls…haha….Though Kayti is awful chipper in the morning too…lol…

10. What is the weirdest sensory object you have ever touched?

Um, we don’t know…but probably rotten pumpkin….or raw chicken….bleh…. We can touch beef but chicken is a whole nother ballfield.

11. Do you agree that the world needs more clean, morally-sound reads?

Yes, we do!!!! With our whole hearts!!! Get to work everyone!!! We need more books that spread God’s hope, love, and light!!!!!! Let’s change the world!!!!!!!

New Questions

We hope you guys enjoyed this tag and since we have a few extra moments we shall come up with questions and tag some people!!! Mwahaha!!!

  1. Do you know what an Appalachian Dulcimer is? (If you do, AWESOME! *high five* If you don’t no worries we didn’t either till we started learning how to play it…lol…)
  2. What is a villain that you just can’t hate, that you find yourself cheering on and then have to be like wait a minute…(Connor from the Ascendance Series and Viggo from Race to the Edge…don’t know why but we like these guys…haha…)
  3. What is the last song you listened to? (Ours was ‘Kids in the Dark’ by the All Time Low (The only song by them that we listen to…lol…) which gives us UF vibes)
  4. If you had to pick one character to kill in your WIP, who would it be? (This is a good one so we are stealing it…lol…)
  5. If you had to listen to one band for the rest of your life who would it be? (Um, that’s a hard one…)
  6. Do you prefer a British or Scottish accent? (We can’t choose…lol…)
  7. What are two movies that are polar opposites but you like both equally? (Lark Rise to Candleford and The Lord of the Rings…haha…)
  8. What is your favorite part of your WIP, you can share a scene if you like! (Please share a scene!!!)
  9. What is your favorite kind of story to write?
  10. Have you ever had/made homemade bread by grinding your own flour? (Just because we’re curious! 😉 )
  11. How many states have you been to? Including ones, you’ve passed through…If you’re from Canada then how many provinces? (We’ve been to 22 states counting the ones we drove through 😉 Our family likes to travel, when we can…lol…)


And now for tagging people!!! Haha…sorry, if you’ve already done this multiple times, but the questions are different! 🙂

Kristina Hall

Vanessa Hall

Saraina Whitney

Rose Q Addams

Issabelle Perry

Hailey Marshall

Lillian Keith

and some other people who want to do this one!

We hope you guys enjoyed our randomness! Do you like bows or swords? Robin Hood or Zorro? What one word would you want to say for the rest of your life? Favorite words anyone? Let us know in the comments!


Sisters Three

Published by Sisters Three

Hi, we're Kayti, Rissy, and Jaidie, a writing trio of sisters, living in the Southern Appalachians of Western North Carolina. The three of us are as thick as thieves as they say, whoever "they" are. We have four older siblings, a controlling German Shorthaired Pointer named Ruger, and a Mini Lop rabbit named Smallsy-Jo. We're homeschooled by our amazing mom and our dad is a pastor and avid plant hunter. Our dad encouraged us to start writing after he heard an elaborate story we made up, so we started writing things down, and eventually the things we wrote down actually made sense and now we're writers! Or aspiring writers anyway.

29 thoughts on “Liebster Award #3

  1. Ahhh I love this post!!! Thank you for tagging me! So excited to do it!! (Seriously, your new questions are AWESOME. 😀 😉 )

    Oh noooooooooooo you’re going to kill a character in Dragon Prince Chronicles Book 3?!! HOW COULD YOU!!?! Look, I’m already mourning the death and I don’t even know who it is!!! Oh dear. Well, now I’m in 10x suspense for it lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! SO glad you liked it!!! Of course! (ack, thanks!!!)

      Sorry, sorry, yes….maybe *ahem* more than one….so sorry to keep you in suspense…at least your on the street team so you’ll get to the read the books before anyone! 🙂 (Trying to find a bright side….lol….)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Finally…tis’ done! Way to go gals!!! Even if it took, eh, four months…*shrug*, I get it. Life can get caught up on us. Dude…and the answers, perfect!! Just, absolutely amazing! Shanks for doing this!
    And I would have to say Robin Hood. Childhood memories playing around with my bow, ducking behind bushes and stuff…just classic childhood experiences.
    Oh, and you would not belive how many people say that the one word they’d say is: Hi. Or hello. Mine, would be probably amen.
    And my favorite words: Shello, Shanks, Swell, Shwelcome, a lot of ‘S’ words. Umm, ‘Sup. Cool. Awesome. FANTASTIC! Superb. Bumbees: a Scottish word for bumblebees. God bless. Y’all (for the sake of being raised in Florida and Hawaii). Sweeeet. Radical dude. Yup…that’s what my slang is!

    Oh. And just a quick note: I am a fan of Dulcimers…and the fact you know how to play it, *air high five* THAT IS JUST SICK! Now, you should, if you haven’t already, learn banjo and mandolin. Then, you have a folk band, gals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And our hearty apologies on how late this is…lol….
      Robin is great!!!
      Haha, well it just seems like a useful word….lol…
      Hahaha, awesome words! And Bumbee!!!! Ack, okay, Sage from UF is totally using that…we are gonna find somewhere to work Bumbee into book 2…haha… we love it!

      Haha, we are just now learning Dulcimer….we can play like two songs….sort of…lol… right now learning Dulcimer is enough o keep us busy…lol….


  3. Favorite words?! I thought you’d never ask!… I like reading the dictionary, okay? 😅
    Melancholy (it has such a sweet ring to it, though it means sad), phantasm, academy, labyrinth, daresay, conspicuous, moonlight (maybe a boring one, but I like it.)… and a ton of other words that I’m always finding excuses to use! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, we like old words…like tis, tarrie, and just really like saying, therefore…but daresay, oh now we want to use that more!!! Moonlight has a nice ring to it…sounds….romantic.


      1. Old words are great! The way Shakespeare spoke is much more interesting than how people are today.
        I use daresay quite a bit! And I also prefer to use quite or rather over really or very. It sounds more distinguished. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, they are!!! Hahaha, agreed! We’ve been watching Victorian-era movies lately…lol…we’ve got a ton of distinguished-sounding words we’ve been throwing around now…haha…Oh, yes!!! Fun!!!


  4. Those are such fun questions! Please don’t kill any characters… Pleeeeeeaaaase???? I know it’s a writer thing and I do it too, but please 🥺🥺!! Those are such fun words, too! Cheesecake is amazing… I can’t choose between a bow or sword… Maybe bow today, because I spent an hour shooting targets with my classmates… 😂 Robin hood! Ummm probably howdy or hi… Favorite word? Hmmm that’s hard, have to think on it…

    Liked by 1 person

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