A Word on Dreams… and Writing

Hey, y’all! I have been pretty busy lately, not writing-wise, but life-wise. So, I haven’t got a ton done. I joined KDWC (King’s Daughter Writing Camp) and am currently averaging about 600 words a day. But other than that, there’s not much going on writing-wise.

I’ve been ‘editing,’ which is running things through ProWritingAid for Jaidie; she’ll get beta readers to do the actual work…lol…But I wanted to recap here and maybe share something I’ve been thinking about.

What I’ve got done…

  • I finished Writing/editing in Emberling, so now I’m just writing! Which I’m super excited about! I did get super stuck on Wednesday, but Madisyn Carlin gave me an idea and I think I’m officially unstuck now!
  • I started a short story about 5 times before finally getting it right. I’m working on it now and I’m pretty excited about how the story is turning out! If you’ve read my story in Seize the Love titled Out of Darkness Rising, then you will be happy to know this story is a sort of sequel about Hanna’s boyfriend Mark and his older brother Trevor!
  • Emailed and messaged a lot of friends! Seriously, I didn’t realize how many people I knew until I started getting back to them all… lol…
  • Went hiking with the fam a few times, primarily Saturday, where we just hiked until about 2 o’clock and then went to see Jesus Revolution.
  • And I’ve thought about books a lot, such as what I want to do with my western Rivals of Skyline and when I will start my next western. I’ve also read about 15 books already this year.

Yep, not been very productive lately. Minus getting way too stressed about posting and writing and editing and life and just trying to cram so much into a day, the joy kind of disappears. I’m learning that often, it’s not about how much we get done but how good what we get done is and that sometimes as much as I love an idea or a dream, it has to wait for the right time.

Don’t worry. I’m not giving up writing. I’m still writing, but I’m coming to terms with the idea that I’m not the fastest writer and that I might not be able to make a full-time living off of this for years, if ever. The reality of writing for a living is a lot harder than it sounds or looks. Building blogs, social accounts, and managing it all is stressful!

So, I’m slowing down. If I miss a day of posting on IG and FB in the grand scheme of life, who cares? I could spend that time writing or going to school. I’m prayerfully approaching a career path and asking God if it is His will. I’m still uncertain, but I’m praying about it and trusting Him to lead the way.

Honestly, I’m growing up. Yes, I might be twenty, but I’ve held onto the idea that I have all the time in the world when really I need to start planning for the future and doing things with my life. I’ve felt a bit empty the last few months as I plod along without doing anything purposeful or meaningful. Simply existing and putting off any big decisions because I ‘don’t know’ because I’ve not really tried to know.

So, this weekend I came to the realization that my dream is good, but as much as I hate to admit it, you need money to live and publish books. So, as my dad often quotes, “Money is good and it’s not everything, but you sure do need money to eat.”

So, I’m slowing down my hamster wheel of writing as fast as possible, posting on schedule or else stressing about it, and just trying to relax and enjoy life more as I figure out what I’m doing. I’m not rushing into any big decisions; I’m praying and trusting God to lead the way. I’m surrendering my dreams and desires to Him, as I should have long ago. Trusting that He gave me a love for writing and He knows where He wants me, knowing He has plan and that I don’t have to try to do and be everything.

Honestly, it’s a relief. Such a relief to not worry about any of it anymore. Whether I’m doing enough, or if books will sell, or if this is what I should be doing. I feel better. I know I’m doing what I should have done months ago,

So, as I move forward, I hope to surrender each step to God and let Him take the reins—which is harder than it sounds—and we shall see where He takes me. What adventures I’ll have with God at the reins instead of me stumbling through life.

Have you surrendered everything to God? Or do you cling to things? I’m a control freak, ask my sisters, so I totally it if you do! What are your dreams? What are some things you hope to do with your life? I’d love to chat in the comments!


Published by Kayti

Hi there, my name is Kaytlin Phillips, but I go by Kayti. I'm a homeschool grad, author, reader, and child of our Gracious King!!! I have an obsession with the written word, or maybe an addiction. Ever since I can remember I have read everything I can get my hands on! I LOVE BOOKS!!! I also love writing and might have a slight obsession with pens and notebooks, don't tell anyone. I also love the smell of old books! And yes, if you're wondering, I talk to myself, I think all bookishly crazy people do...

14 thoughts on “A Word on Dreams… and Writing

  1. Kayti, I can relate a lot to the things you are going through. I’ve been struggling with stress and doubts about the future as well. I admire your courage to give up your dreams to the Lord and let Him guide you in His will, even though it’s hard. A few things that have helped me are: sharing my thoughts and worries with a trusted friend or family member (sisters!!!!), going off the internet/social media for a day, (or a week, just to take a break from it all) and prayer, which you mentioned. Praise God that we can confide in Him any time and be refreshed!
    Thank you for sharing this post. it encouraged me and I hope and pray God will bless you with peace.

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  2. Wow, this was amazing, Kayti. Thank you so very much for sharing your experience with us! I’m not yet in that place where I feel a lot of pressure to find a steady income, but I know that’ll be coming soon and I’ll have to face the reality that I probably won’t be able to solely focus on my writing, so it’s SO wonderful and encouraging to hear how you’ve just surrendered your dream to God and are trusting Him to do with it as He wills.

    And by the way, it seems to me like you got a lot done! 😆 600 words a day is some steady progress! XD You’re doing great! ❤ (But I'm RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on the slow writing. I just can't rush it. 😅)

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    1. Awww, thank you for reading, Saraina! I’m glad you found it encouraging!

      Lol…it feels so slow…but everything else in life has been taking up so much time…haha…thank you! (Haha, we got this! Slow and steady wins the race…or so they say…lol…)


  3. I’m glad to hear that you’re making an effort to trust God more!❤ I’ll be praying for you and that God leads you to exactly where He wants you to be.<333 Honestly, I relate to you in a lot of things, especially about getting older and wondering what on earth am I doing with my life. But I'm learning to lean on God more and that His plan is perfect and good, even when life doesn't feel good. Thank you for sharing this post!❤

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    1. Awww, thank you so much, Katherine! Yes, the what on earth am I doing with my life feeling is definitely here…some days more than others. Amen, same here. Thank you so much for reading! ❤

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  4. I definitely have trouble praying about something when I feel like God has already given me direction. But I think I ought to be praying more about pursuing writing as a career, which is what I am planning to do because I should be asking Him often to also use that calling for His glory. I know that He also wants me to do something with hospice patients, but I have not prayed for Him to present me with more opportunities to serve Him in that aspect.

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    1. Same, but often I find myself doubting and wondering if God really is directing or if it’s me…I think because I take the reins so often…lol…I’ll be praying He continues to guide you, Kathryn! ❤


  5. Aw, Kayti, this was beautiful! It really is hard to balance different aspects of life and figure out where we should be going, but in the end, the Lord will lead us in the perfect way. He never fails. 🙂

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