What’s Your WIP – Stoneflake’s Bane – Edition!

Hey guys! I’ve been lacking post ideas and motivation when it comes to blogging…lol…but Kayti suggested doing What’s You WIP for my current WIP and I decided that’d be fun! So here we are!

Let’s get to it, shall we!

Has your WIP a working title? If so, tell us! If not, have you any idea of what it might be?

Yes! Stoneflake’s Bane is the working title! Book 1 in The Frozen North Series

Have you a synopsis for your WIP? If so, give it to us! If not, can you give us a blurb on what your WIP is about?

Nope. And I’m horrible with blurbs because I’m a hardcore pantster and your guess about what is going to happen is as good as mine…lol…but the book follows Feebie Stoneflake as she searches for answers about her parents and sifts through the lies her brother has told her.

Have you a working/mock cover for your WIP? If so, show us! If not, have you an idea in mind?

Hahaha, I do have that! Kayti made me one the other day!!! Tah-dah!!!

How did you get the idea for this story?

Whew, it was so long ago who even remembers…lol…I know I’ve always loved snow (bummer that I live where we hardly ever get snow, just cold without snow…), and growing up Narnia was one of my favorite movies! I also enjoyed any movies set in Alaska or snowy places like Eight Below, Snow Dogs, and I even kind of liked Lost in the Barrens. So, writing about snow was just something I really wanted to do!

How long do you think it will be? 

Probably a novella, it might be a novel…I don’t know…haha…

Is it longer or shorter than you thought it would be?

I don’t know I have finished it…it’s taking longer than I thought, that’s for sure…lol…

Who’s your favourite character so far?

Probably, Yura, he’s just a nice older guy that is cool! My favorite characters in my head (not on the page yet) are Inx the Mink and Bucken, I’m changing Bucken’s name because he was originally a bunny…hehe….and I don’t like his name now that he’s a person.

What’s your favourite memory related to this WIP?

Probably when I was first building the world, which happened to be back when I first started writing. It was the first project I ever started on my own…but I’ve restarted and tweaked it multiple times since then.

Any special person(s) who helped create it?

My sissies!!! Kayti and Jaidie are so patient as I restart over and over and over again! They edit and help and just, I love them girls! And then my family in general because they always tell me I can do whatever I set my mind to!

What’s your favourite scene so far (if you can tell about it without spoilers!)?

I don’t really have one yet….in my head, my favorite scene is with Inx…lol…he’s so funny! And so hard on Feebie!!!

Can you give us a snippet?

I sure can! Let me grab one…

The cold air nipped at my cheeks, and my lungs tried to constrict. I slowed my steps as I entered the empty streets of Cicle Cove. Lanterns lined either side of the ice-block street, pale blue igloos glowing in the flickering yellow light. The igloos were all the same size and shape, their doorways dark where they led down into the underground bunkers. My home was at the very end of town, set away from the others—a lonely little mountain of ice.

StoneFlake’s Bane

I just realized that’s a happy clip to come from a book called Stoneflake’s Bane…lol…

Is the story still what you thought it would be or has it thrown you a couple curveballs?

Hahaha, definitely curveballs…as in I have to rewrite certain part curveballs, but I like it!

Is there a Bible verse, poem, hymn, picture, or quote that helped shape this story?

Not really, I’ve not really thought about it, and when I started coming up with the book I couldn’t really read that well. My dyslexia is a pain sometimes but reading longer pieces of stuff is getting a little easier. But other than the movies mentioned above…not really.

When and where have you done most of the writing so far?

Outside! I love writing outside…also, since I do voice to text it is generally quieter outside as Kayti usually has music playing while she’s working, cooking, cleaning, writing…lol…

Where do you get inspiration for this story?

Outside!!! Okay, okay, and Pinterest you ratted me out! I try to get inspo from Pinterest but I’ve only found a few pictures that work well and gave me ideas.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Is this even a question after how I answered the other questions…lol…Pantster. Die hard pantster…lol…

Do you have a little ritual before you start writing?

Unless cleaning the house counts…that’s about it. I clean and get all my chores done and some of Kayti’s and Jaidie’s sometimes because I want them done…lol…and then I write!

Are you thinking of publishing this story?

I hope to! Eventually, hopefully, sooner rather than later!

What things have you learned while writing this story?

I don’t know I haven’t finished and I have no idea what I’m doing….lol…

Alright! That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this very…um, pantster version of What’s Your WIP…lol…

Does your WIP have a working title? Blurb? Pantster or Plotter? Or somewhere between the two…(Kayti’s somewhere in the middle…lol…and Jaidie is a plotter!) I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

God Bless!

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  1. Whew, I’m late (To just about everything) (No excuses lol)
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Love your WIP!!! It’s soooo cool!!!!! Amazing! I totally want to read more!!!
    would you like some of our snow? We have wayyy too much out here… haha….

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