The Answers to Your Questions!

Hello! Here are the long-awaited answers to your amazing questions! I hope you guys enjoy this post! I had a blast writing it!!! (Also, I realize the cover photo is pretty lame…lol…)

Kristina Hall‘s Question

Where did you get the idea for Raven and Darius’s book?

Well, I was sick, slightly bored and Jaidie was trying to give me something to do…so we talked about book ideas I had and Jaidie encouraged me to try this one out. It has dragons, of course, Jaidie got involved and I love dragons too! Of course, I’ve had the basic idea for a while…not sure where it came from…sorry this answer isn’t cooler…lol….

Lillian-Keith‘s Questions about Raven and Darius’s story:

  • Who or what inspired the characters of Raven and Darius? (maybe a song or a photo or something?)

Darius was inspired by my brothers and a tad bit of Strider, and maybe a little Legolas…lol…

And Raven was inspired by friends and family, you guys! Super awesome people whom I threw all together and made Raven!

  • Are they related or just friends?

Friends-ish…more like acquaintances…

  • Who are you enjoying writing more, Raven or Darius?

Probably Darius, because I’m obsessed with his accent!!! And he’s also a ranger which makes him really cool!

  • And are you going to tell the story through both their point of views? Or only one?

Both! It’s first-person through Raven and Darius and a bounty hunter….*raises eyebrows and sees the questions in your eyes and refuses to answer them*

Concinnous Questions:

  • War for the Throne:
    Are they twins?

No. They are not. Masen is the older brother and Lexon is the younger.

  • Both:
    Is there romance?

War for the Throne has a touch, and Raven and Darius…I haven’t quite decided…lol…I’m just seeing where it takes me.

  • Is Christianity mentioned?

Yes! In both!

  • Is there magic?

Yes, just fantasy magic…not spell casting. I don’t agree with verbal magic such as spell casting, but there is semi-magical elements.

  • How many villains are there?

Knowing me probably a bunch…lol…I haven’t really decided, I know who the main people are but there’s no telling who’s going to turn on me and become a bad guy…lol…

  • How old are the characters?

Masen is 17, Lexon is 16, and Da’Mae is 15

Darius is 18 and Raven is 15

  • What do the characters look like?

Masen has hazel eyes, and I haven’t picked a hair color, he’s tall and shy.

Lexon has black hair, brown eyes, tall, dark, and mysterious. But handsome

Darius is average in height, with wavy brown hair, and hazel eyes that lean more towards green.

Raven has blue eyes, curly black hair that hangs halfway down her back, and she’s short…

  • Are there love triangles?

Not with any of them…but there is sort of in Raven and Darius book, but it has nothing to do with Raven and Darius…

  • What year will they be published about?

Hahaha, I hope sometime in 2030….lol…kidding, next year for at least one of them, hopefully.

Joelle Stone‘s Questions for War for the Throne:

  • Who is your favorite character to write, and why?

Honestly, Lexon. I can relate pretty well with him (except in his whole I hate my brother thing). But I can understand where he’s coming from if that makes sense…

  • Who is warring over the throne?

Lexon wants the throne that is being given to Masen, there’s also someone else who wants the throne…obviously some mysterious antagonist.

  • What are some unique elements of this world?

There are some magical stone necklaces that can be unlocked with a key, the world itself is pretty similar to ours minus its magical rocks and crazy people who want to steal thrones…lol…

  • Is there a duck named George somewhere in there? (Ok, ok, just kidding – what color fits this book best?)

Haha, color….um, probably green. Hence the cover color….green stands for jealousy which works well since Masen is jealous of his brother’s easy leading and social skills, and Lexon is envious that his brother gets to be king and seems to be their parents’ favorite as the eldest.

  • Does it have a theme song?
    Yes! Demons by Imagine Dragons and Empire by Ruelle

Tauriel Wingfeather‘s Questions for Raven and Darius:

  • Are they siblings?

No. They are not.

  • And do they live on the same continent? – Or in the same country?

No, they don’t. Kind of confusing…they were born in the same country but Raven is no longer in that country. 😊(Can you tell I’m stressed…lol…that one caught me off guard…haha…)

Saraina Whitney’s Questions:

  • Okay, first War for the Throne:
    Where did you first get the idea for this book?

Hmmm, pretty much everywhere….But really my friends on NS (New Seddleton) inspired me!

  • Do you prefer writing through Masen or Lexon’s POV/viewpoint?


  • Were you inspired by real-life places when creating the fantasy world for it?

Yes! Especially, Alaska, at least pictures of Alaska…lol….

  • Now Raven and Darius’s Book: 😉
    Are they siblings? Do they know each other when the story begins?

They are not siblings…and no they don’t know each other when the story begins.

  • Can we ask who Darius is trying to find? 😀

Uh, no. Kidding. He’s looking for Princess Sophie-Anna, who went missing a while back.

  • What do they look like?

Darius is average in height, with wavy brown hair, and hazel eyes that lean more towards green.

Raven has blue eyes, curly black hair that hangs halfway down her back, and she’s short…

Louise Taylor‘s Questions:

  • Are there castle ruins anywhere in there?

Not at the moment, but I like this idea. *begins pondering creepy castle ruin scenes*

  • What about high society parties? Are there any of those?

So, this is actually a series, so there might be in later books but probably not in this one….but who knows…lol….

  • Do the brothers actually have each other’s backs or are they secretly plotting against one another? (That one might be considered a spoiler… sorry.)

No, you’re totally fine. Some might consider it a spoiler but it’s actually told in the prologue. The brothers do not have each other’s backs…well, Masen has Lexon but Lexon is not a happy little bro….Let’s just say he has bad plans…

  • What time of day do you write the most in? Is this a morning book, afternoon book, late-night read, or read and forget to do anything else book??? 😀

All! I write whenever I get a chance….which unfortunately is not as much as I would like…lol…

  • I second Joelle’s motion for a theme song, except I want a WHOLE playlist! If you ever have a spare moment of time… lol. (And a Pinterest board? Do you have one of those for this book?)

The Pinterest board is a work in progress…lol…I’ll let you guys know when I get it finished! As for a theme song…see my answers to Joelle’s questions above!


That’s a wrap folks! Hope you enjoyed getting to pick my brain about my WIP’s I know I enjoyed answering your questions!

Based on what you learned, which book are you most excited about? Who is your favorite character? Do you write? Does your book have a theme song? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Have a great day! Happy Good Friday!

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8 thoughts on “The Answers to Your Questions!

  1. Ahh, so cool!!!! Thank you for answering the questions!! 😀 So interesting that you were inspired by Alaska!! That’ll be a unique fantasy world then, at least for me since I don’t remember reading about a fantasy world that reminded me of that. Also, I love all the names, like Raven and Sophie-Anna and Lexon… ❤


    1. Of course! Thank you for the awesome questions! Ack, I’m so glad you think it sounds interesting! Thank you so much! It means so much to me!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting questions and answers!!! Sadly, I’m not much of a fantasy fan, but your stories sound interesting!
    I’m not sure my WIP book has a theme song… I could say ‘O du mein holder Abenstern’ by Richard Wagner, since it’s my hero’s favorite aria, or one of Franz Schubert’s lieder… There’s alot of allusion to classical music and opera in my book, so.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! Well, I’m glad my stories sound interesting to you!
      Ooo, that’s cool! I’m not very well versed in classical music, but I do enjoy listening to it every now and than. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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