Ask me Questions about my WIPs!!!

Hi-yah friends! Today is a special post! You get to ask me questions about my Works in Progress (WIP)!!! Yay!!!!

So, this will only include my personal projects nothing I share with my sisters, sorry people who were secretly hoping to pick my brain about The Never-Ending Trail or Unfortunate Events…lol…

My first project is War for the Throne, a medieval, fantasy, young adult book about two brothers and a throne (obviously), tensions are high, betrayal is in the air, and not everyone is quite what they seem (Okay, so that’s a cliche description but whatever)….so ask me anything you want to know about! Who’s the main character? (Masen, Lexon, and Da’Mae…I’ll answer that one…lol…) What’s it about? Where’s it set? Where’d you get the idea? Ect…anything! (As long as it’s appropriate and relevant to the book! And of course no spoiler questions because that would be lame! Also, not even I know how this is going to end…haha…life of a pantster.)

My other project is untitled as of yet…but, let’s call it Raven and Darius’s Book (And now you know who the MC’s are! Yay!!!) It’s about a young girl (Raven) who has visions and hears voices pertaining to, well she’s not sure what? And then Darius has been enlisted to find someone? It’s a YA fantasy as well!!

So ask away in the comments folks! Anything you want to know! Pick my brain! I’ll be posting the answers the next time my turn comes around, hopefully no more than three weeks! Please, say which book you are talking about so it doesn’t confuse me and so you get the right answer…lol…

Have fun!!!

God Bless each and every one of you,

Your friend,


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Hiya, my name is Marisa Phillips but please call me Rissy. I love writing, music, dragons, phoenixes (Flaming birds? Come on, that's awesome!) lions, foxes, rabbits, dogs (I also like a tons of other animals but don't have room to list them), baking with my mom, teasing my sisters, cuddling with our dog Ruger, and trying to make other people smile!

23 thoughts on “Ask me Questions about my WIPs!!!

  1. Hey, Rissy!
    How are you??
    War For The Throne sounds like just my kind of book! How did you come up with that title? It’s so epic!!
    Okay, I’ll try to keep my questions to a minimum…

    1. Are there castle ruins anywhere in there?
    2. What about high society parties? Are there any of those?
    3. Do the brothers actually have each other’s backs or are they secretly plotting against one another? (That one might be considered a spoiler… sorry.)
    4. What time of day do you write the most in? Is this a morning book, afternoon book, late-night read, or read and forget to do anything else book??? 😀
    5. I second Joelle’s motion for a theme song, except I want a WHOLE playlist! If you ever have a spare moment of time… lol. (And a Pinterest board? Do you have one of those for this book?)

    A brilliant idea truly, Rissy! Can’t wait for your next post! 🙂

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    1. Hey Louise!
      I’m good, how are you?
      Awww, glad to hear that! Ack, thanks!
      Awesome questions! Excited to answer them!
      Thank you!


  2. Hi Rissy! How have you been? (oops, erm that wasn’t a question related to this post; more like in general Lol.)
    This is exciting! Okay, I have a few questions here about Raven and Darius’s story:

    Who or what inspired the characters of Raven and Darius? (maybe a song or a photo or something?)
    Are they related or just friends?
    Who are you enjoying writing more, Raven or Darius?
    And are you going to tell the story through both their point of views? Or only one?

    …okay, probably a lot XD Sorry about that. You don’t have to answer them all lol.

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    1. Lol….I’ve been great! What about you?
      Thank you so much for the questions! Can’t wait to answer them…lol…and I am totally answering them all! Haha….

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      1. I’ve been doing well, thanks so much for asking 🙂 We’re starting some spring cleaning and such; how about you?

        Lol. I look forward to reading your answers!


      2. You are so welcome! 🙂 that’s good…lol…we have too and let’s just say that it’s been an adventure…hahaha…Ruger likes to eat our dust piles…lol…

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      3. He is…lol…
        Yes, haha, like how Kayti, Jai, and I put things in the closet so we won’t lose them and then lose them…hahaha…

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      4. Sounds like when I put some notes on my *not* messy desk and then the next minute *poof!* It’s gone…XD (turns out I might’ve stuck it to the bulletin board overhead or forgot I stuck it in a notebook on said desk Lol.)

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      5. Haha, I’m doing that all the time…lol…that or writing notes in random docs and then not being able to find them…haha…

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  3. War for the Throne:
    Are they twins?
    Is there romance?
    Is Christianity mentioned?
    Is there magic?
    How many villians are there?
    How old are the characters?
    What do the characters look like?
    Are there love triangles?
    What year will they be published about?

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    Questions for War for the Throne:
    1. Who is your favorite character to write, and why?
    2. Who is warring over the throne?
    3. What are some unique elements of this world?
    4. Is there a duck named George somewhere in there? (Ok, ok, just kidding – what color fits this book best?)
    5. Does it have a theme song?

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  5. Ooh,fun!
    Don’t answer if these would spoil!!
    Are they siblings? And do they live on the same continent? – Or in the same country?
    Sorry if they are lame….:(

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  6. YES!!! I love this post haha. Okay, first War for the Throne:
    – where did you first get the idea for this book?
    – do you prefer writing through Masen or Lexon’s POV/viewpoint?
    – were you inspire by real-life places when creating the fantasy world for it?
    Now Raven and Darius’s Book: 😉
    – are they siblings? Do they know each other when the story begins?
    – can we ask who Darius is trying to find? 😀
    – What do they look like?

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