Honest Review of Pixars Turning Red

Okay, so I haven’t written a post in a long time because I didn’t know what to write, up until last night when my sisters and I decided to watch Turning Red. It was awful, and I totally don’t recommend it to anyone under the age of ten, even then I don’t think any kids should watch this movie! Here’s why I think no one should watch this movie.

Also, there are some quick announcements at the end of this post so stay tuned or you could just scroll to the bottom…lol…either works. 🙂

Okay, now for the post!

  1. Well, first off, for a movie made for kids it had some really weird and disgusting things in it that even disturbed me and my older sisters! Such as the main character drawing pictures of her ‘crush’ without a shirt on and continuing to draw more pictures of him and her together (him still not having a shirt on) it was really disgusting!
  2. Also, it mentions, well the main character is ‘growing up’ and it mentions ‘having women problems’ which leads to her mom (on-screen) giving her pads and embarrassing her at school because of it! Kids should not watch movies with that in them! It was unnecessary and weird like I don’t want to know about that and I’m a teenage girl, it’s just weird.
  3. Also, one of the boy characters in the movie was a little different, which is fine, but at the end of the movie, he says he loves a band member who is another boy! And for the rest of the movie, the boy hangs out with girls! It didn’t say anything, but to me, it was pretty suggestive. It was just really disturbing!
  4. The characters were just weird. Like girls were just represented as dumb people who just loved boys and boy bands.
  5. The point of the story was stupid and just a lie! Like the whole point of the story was ‘we all have a rebellious side to us so we might as well just let it out and be ourselves by rebelling against our parents’ like what? I get be yourself, but rebelling against your parents is the only way you can show who you are? Like, no.
  6. Here’s what I got out of it. (Spoilers ahead) The main character wants to go to concert parents say no because A) it’s like two hundred dollars a ticket and B) well the main character was turning into a red panda whenever she felt a strong emotion. Main character gets mad at parents and saves up the money to go to the concert with her friends, without telling her parents where she was going, so basically lying. Parents find out there’s a lot that goes on in between and basically mom is mad, the main character yells, “I’m thirteen mom! I like concerts and boys, I’m thirteen get over it!” by the end of the movie parents, “okay, that’s fine, be yourself sweetie” (just paraphrasing here) after she had lied and rebelled against them. Like what?
  7. And all the stuff I mentioned above the drawings of her crush without a shirt on everything was never corrected in the end. That’s right it was totally fine because that’s who she is. So basically the point of the story was, “we all have a rebellious side so just let it out and lie and rebel against your parents, it’s fine because that’s just who you are” like I’d never do that to my parents. I be myself but I also respect my parents. You can do both, you don’t have to rebel and lie to them to be yourself, like it was just stupid. And the whole movie itself just made me so mad and disgusted like what are people putting in kids heads these days?

I’m gonna wrap this up with a warning. Do not let your kids or younger siblings watch this! It is just no good and disgusting!

If you were offended by this review in any way, I’m sorry but this is just honestly how I feel about this movie.

Okay, now that I have officially ranted, which I hope actually made since…haha…here are the announcements!

First off, we have made some progress in our books so be looking on the Works in Progress page for those updates!

Second, we have started a new book! *glances at all our books on the Works in Progress page ‘don’t look at us like that’ turns back to screen* anyways it’s called Glowing in the Dark! Super excited about this one! So keep an eye out for that one!

Well, that’s a wrap, so yeah, let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments!


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Ello everyone, my name is Jaiden Phillips but I like being called Jaidie because it sounds fun! I love music, movies, rainbows, chocolate of any kind, and BOOKS, of course! I also love dogs, horses, any kind of big cat, foxes, bunnies, and dragons. I love, like love DRAGONS if they were real I'd so have one! I like to pass the time listening to music, writing, reading, drawing, I love drawing! Especially dragons and bunnies. I also like goofing off and talking non-stop to my sisters about the books I'm reading. Yeah, that's all I have to say about myself so bye!

28 thoughts on “Honest Review of Pixars Turning Red

  1. Oof, wow, sounds like a terrible movie!! *makes sure not to recommend that to anyone* Thanks so much for the review!

    And best of luck with your new story!

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    1. Yeah, it was! No, problem, I just didn’t want anyone else to be caught off guard like we were.
      Thanks so much! ❤


  2. Hi Jadie! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Ooo, now I’ll have to go check out your Works-in-Progress page. I like the title Glowing in the Dark (may I ask what inspired you for this story?)

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    1. Hi Lily! Of course! Yes, please do….we’re working hard (ish) at them…lol… Thank you! (Yes, you may! It was inspired by the song by the same title, I think Kayti said she talked to you a bit about it! 🙂 For anyone else who may read this comment and wants to check out the song it’s Glowing in the Dark by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher)

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      1. Hahahah…You should it is so good! 🙂
        It’s good! Haven’t done much besides read and draw…lol…how is your weekend coming?

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      2. Um, mainly fanart for The Green Ember series, I’m working on digital project of Heather and Smalls called ‘On Top or the Stars’ and I’m really excited to finish it!😁✍
        That’s good! Ooo, that sounds like fun, minus cleaning the closet…lol….

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      3. Ah, got ya.
        Thanks! I finally finished it today! Um, I don’t know, I would like to do more art posts but I’m horrible at figuring out what to write about art…lol…(yeah, I love all The Green Ember characters *hugs them all* except the bad guys of course😜)

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      4. Yay! That’s super exciting!

        Lol. Yeah, I get that figuring out what to say can be hard. Sometimes I see people do art dumps instead of writing about their art (I’m not an artist, so my dump would consist of maybe two pictures XD) Anyway, you’re really creative, Jaidie! I’m cheering you on 🙂

        *hugs all the characters with you* (erm, yeah, except the bad guys XD)

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      5. Thanks ❤
        Yeah, it so is…lol…like you know what you want to say but you don't know how to write it…haha… yeah, I've thought about that, though if I decided to do an art dump I'd have to go through my drawings and add my signature to the ones I want to post, wicth isn't hard, so I dunno I'll see what I can do🤔😉
        Thanks so much! Also, I'm going to read an Apprentice Escapes soon! I'm so excited!😃

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      6. I feel, ya girl! I’m suppose to be working on a blog series…if only the right words would come to me XD
        Ooo, I haven’t thought about signing my drawings (erm, at least the two that I know are somewhere in my *not* messy desk Lol. Or maybe they’re under my bed….)
        Anyway, best wishes with your future posts!
        (eep! And I hope you enjoy it!)

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      7. Hahahah…got ya, yeah, blog posts are so hard! You got this though!💖
        Yeah, I didn’t really ever think about it until last year when one of our friends on a fansite art was stolen and posted on a different site, and that kinda scared me so I just sign my art now. (Lol…yeah my desk isn’t ‘messy’ either😉) I’d love to see your drawings sometime though! ❤
        Thanks so much! You too!
        (Eee, I'm so excited to start! As soon as I'm done reading WoS for Kayti, I'll start it!😃)

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      8. Oh dear, that’s awful! Were they ever able to get it back?
        I do clean it off… it’s just that somehow things always end back on it 😉 XD
        Aww, thanks! I’d have to scan it into my computer first, and the scanner hasn’t been working for me lately (me and technology Lol.)

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      9. No, they weren’t able to get it back because it wasn’t signed, but thankfully it was an older drawing of theirs and the pic was really blurry, thier art style had since changed so it wasn’t to big of deal to them, it still scared me though😬
        Hahah…exactly! I clean my desk stuff just always ends up back on it😉😂
        😁💖 Ah, got ya. (Lol…I know what you mean😂 technology isn’t my thing it’s like ‘um Kayti how do I do this?’…hahhaha….)

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  3. Ok, that movie sounded terrible. I hadn’t heard much about this movie, so thank you so much for the review and warnings of what’s in it!!
    WOO-HOO, that’s AWESOME that y’all have started another book!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’m so excited!!!!! I checked out your Works in Progress page, and all y’alls stories sound SUPER INTERESTING!!!!!!!! Good luck writing!!!!

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  4. “Bless me, what do they teach them at these schools?”
    -Professor Kirke, Narnia
    I totally agree with you (both Kirke and Jaidie). Crazy!!

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  5. Uggghhh thank you for sharing this review so I’ll know to leave it off my to-watch list, lol. :S I know I totally wouldn’t like this. It’s so sad – and of course, so annoying – how they find ways to sneak in crippling messages to children like rebellion against parents and transgender stuff! :C

    Yay for the WOS updates!!! 😀 ❤ And starting a new book!!! Eeeeeee!!! "Glowing in the Dark." I can't wait to hear more about it!! 😉

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    1. Of course! I didn’t want anyone else to be caught off guard. Yes! It is so sad…. 😦

      Hopefully, you’ll be hearing more about “Glowing in the Darkc in the coming weeks!

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    2. Are you talking about #3? I didn’t think he was trans. I mean, most of my friends have been girls, and that’s mostly who I hang out with, and I’ll say “I love Charlie Cox” or whatever if I like the actor or musician, but it’s not romantic, which is what I feel Tyler was saying. I respect your opinions though, I just think that having friends who are girls, of loving a musician isn’t making you transgender.

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      1. We weren’t saying that he was…only that given what Disney puts into movies these days, those little trans mentions or gay/lesbian couple background shots, that it’s likely that that is what Tyler was supposed to be….the way he said “I love you…(Insert guys name)” with the little stars added to his eyes and the position of his hands and his actions at the end of the movie…all seem very, girly.
        Having friends who are girls is not wrong, saying you love an actor or singer in themselves is not wrong, it’s the way that it’s presented through Tyler that seems off…again, not saying that he was…but it’s a little suggestive…even more than Elsa who people say is lesbian…personally about nothing about Elsa says that, but Tyler’s actions….eehhh, could point towards that.
        Again, seemed suggestive….not saying he was or wasn’t…just wanted people to know.


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