News, News, and News!

Hello mates! I hope you all had a great weekend and I’m so excited to share this post with you! *rubs hands in anticipation* So, as the title suggests I have a whole BUNCH of news!!! So, let’s cut the formalities and jump right in!

(Also, apologize for the weird concept cover sizes…WordPress won’t let me make them smaller….*glares at site* for some reason.)

News 1:

So, I have news about Kayti’s book, World of Silence! They are halfway through editing!!! (Give or take a chapter or two…) So, that’s exciting!!! The release date is May 25th! *Throws confetti, some else can clean that up, right? Slides away* Also, here’s a special little quotie clip!

My father had always told me I was special, but I now knew my father had told me this when I was younger to make me feel better. I was not special. I was different and odd. No one understood me. Not even my own mother.

Also, Madi, over on Madi’s Musing made some awesome graphics for WoS which you can see on the Amazon page, here!!!

News 2:

Concept Cover

  Yes, we’re still on Kayti….She is currently working on two other books, Rivals of Skyline and Secrets (Title subject to change). Rivals of Skyline is a YA western set in Kansas about rustlers and redemption! The MC Daniel is just, you gotta feel for him and the story premise is nice!

  And Secrets is an MG Fantasy about a squirrel named Skyview who is afraid of heights. (Ironic, I know) When his home is destroyed, he must learn to trust some unusual strangers.

 Both of these will probably be released next year, Lord Willing!

And now a clippy from Rivals of Skyline!

  He didn’t want to face himself. Didn’t want to look at what was inside him, he only wanted to escape it all. To escape the torment in his mind. The questions that circled like a wagon wheel.

And she won’t give me a clip of Secrets because she says it needs editing…lol…moving on!

News 3:

Concept Cover

Jaidie is working on a super cool MG Fiction set in New Mexico about a set of twins, it’s titled…Brothers Divided! Think The Parent Trap with boys and a tragic twist…and that’s all I’m allowed to say. This will hopefully release next year! Here’s a clip from it!

But the one thought that kept coming to the top of my mind was the thing I really did want to know. Was he thinking about me? Or did he even know I existed?

News 4:

Jaidie’s other project (I’m getting to me and then group projects…man, we have a lot of books *glances at list* it’ll be a little longer guys) is an MG Fantasy called The Lost Stones of Onalon! Ooo, I love that title! Anyone else? This story is about a dangerous boy, an orphaned girl, a dragon (we are talking about Jaidie after all), and of course the Lost Stones! Okay, so here is a super sneaky peek!

The blue-eyed boy froze then looked at his raised hand, almost in shock, before lowering it and backing away, rubbing his right arm. Idra turned around to see who had spoken and nearly screamed.

News 5:

  Now here is me, myself, and I! My current WIP (Work in Progress) is a YA Fantasy/thing titled The War for the Throne (The title is subject to change but for now this is what it’s called). It’s about two brothers, betrayal…darkness…love? Yeah, lots of ideas for this one…lol…This book will, Lord Willing, be finished by the end of the year and released next year! Sneak peek anyone?

The more I stared into the sky the greater the waves of anger I felt towards Masen but was all my anger towards Masen? No, no it wasn’t. It wasn’t just towards him, it was also towards my father, the king of Dalvin.

News 6:

   I have another WIP! But it doesn’t have a title…it’s a YA Fiction…kind of spy book-ish, think kidnapping, cool spy guy, super sarcastic MC with a geeky friend and you got it! I can’t wait to work on it some more! It’s so funny!!!

“Okay? Okay? OKAY? Did I look okay to him?” It was supposed to be thoughts but apparently, I said it out loud. “Ooops, that wasn’t supposed to come out,” I said, forcing a smile.

“Yeah, I got that,” the man said raising an eyebrow.

News 7:

Concept Cover

Imagine Dragons: A Collection of Dragon Short Stories is now a group project!!! It will be featuring two dragon-themed stories from each member of Sisters Three and we are super excited to share them with you! So far, we have two stories, Jaidie’s story “When you Believe” and mine titled “Forgiveness”! So exciting!!! This one will hopefully release this year as well, or early next year…depending!!!

News 8:

Concept Cover

We have completed an MG Sci-fi Novella which is titled The Never-Ending Trail…it needs some work as the religious element of the book comes in halfway and needs some other stuff…It follows three teens named Riley, Colton, and Issi and it’s just a super weird, unique thing we came up with on a hiking trip…lol…but it’s in the works and will, hopefully, be released next year! Now for a little peak!

   Then his head jerked up, and so did Riley’s, as a piercing howl split the air, followed by a terrified scream.

So, yeah that might be a cliffhanger…hahaha…couldn’t resist!!!

News 9:

Concept Cover

Our current group WIP is a YA Dystopian/Sci-fi-ish thing titled…5055!!! It has been super fun to work on…(even though we’re still in the first chapter). It’s a government take-over vibe and it’s gonna deal with a lot of different things. The MCs are Vyncenn, Drea, and Jace all coming from varying backgrounds in a futuristic earth setting. We’re super excited to share more about this novel as we progress! For now, a small clip from chapter 1 (which is about Vyncenn)

Sirens blared all around me causing my ears to ring and my pulse to quicken. I darted around a corner, sweat running down my brow as I gazed at the growing cloud of dust that was getting ever closer to the city. The dry wind picked up its force, beating against my face and tossing my hair about. The dirt beneath my feet began to shift, swirling into the dry hot air.

News 10:

I saved the best for last! I really did, this is awesome news! Exciting news! Incredible news! Okay, well….we have a book…yes, another book…it’s a YA Fantasy about a boy named Kahtan who is drafted into the army. There are dragonish things… brogue-speaking lads and a lass…and just lots of action, humor, and some heartfelt scenes! (oh, I think I said too much…me be quiet now.)

Concept Cover

We just started editing this lovely collection of words and hope to publish it later this year! Before Christmas, hopefully! So be on the lookout for more news on this project and sign-up sheets for beta reading and all that fun jazz!

Without further ado, some words of wisdom from Kahtan’s father.

    “It’s not about handling it son, it’s about whether you’re strong enough to hold the weight of it, and the weight of the wrongs of the world are heavy things. Ones I want to shield you from for as long as I can.”


Okay, with all that out of the way…tell me how excited you are! I am so excited!!!! For all of this stuff!!! Eeeee!!!! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! So excited!!!!

Your friend,

Marisa P.

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Hiya, my name is Marisa Phillips but please call me Rissy. I love writing, music, dragons, phoenixes (Flaming birds? Come on, that's awesome!) lions, foxes, rabbits, dogs (I also like a tons of other animals but don't have room to list them), baking with my mom, teasing my sisters, cuddling with our dog Ruger, and trying to make other people smile!

27 thoughts on “News, News, and News!

  1. How exciting for you guys! I have to admit that The Never-Ending Trail sounds SO fun, and of course I’m excited about World of Silence. 🙂 How you guys have the energy, imagination, and resources to write all this stuff……..Wow. Not like me!!
    Your excitement is a little contagious!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! Ooh, The Never-Ending Trail was so fun to write! Me too!
      Hahaha, well there are three of us…lol…and we’ve been cursed, I mean blessed with overactive imaginations….lol…
      Oh, goody!


  2. Wow. You guys have a LOT of projects up your sleeves!! 😀 Wishing you the best and excitedly looking forward to those beta reading sheets… 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I’m just bursting with excitement!!! All these books!!! 😀 😀 😀 Ah, this was so much fun to read. Whoa, The Never-Ending Trail’s concept cover looks incredible. (You know how much I love that book!! 😉 ❤ ) All those concept covers and the sneak peeks were just delicious tidbits!
    I'm very looking forward to that new WIP you have, Rissy – the spy one! The sneak peek you shared of that was so funny. And super cool that you've turned Imagine Dragons into a group project! And a dystopian WIP? YES.
    And yay for Unfortunate Events!!! I haven't yet gotten far in that, but what I did read was AMAZING and I'm so excited for it. (Ok, I'm excited for each of the books you talked about in this post. 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eeeeee! Me too! Aww, thanks! Took us forever to find a picture that looked right for it…hahaha… (winks) Thank you sooo much!
      Ack! Me too! Got me excited for the project all over again…lol… Yep! Jai decided to bring in the backup *queue sisters three in super cool stance* Yeah, 5055 is the newest addition to our madness, I mean projects…haha…
      I’m excited too! We’re halfway through the first edit! Still needs work but it’s looking better! (Hahaha, so glad to hear that!)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my goodness, you guys have been super busy! Eep!! These all sound so exciting, I don’t know where to begin!! *throws more confetti in celebration* (Oh, right, I have a broom by the way, Rissy, I’ll sweep it all up for you *sheepish grin*)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, yes we have….lol…tbh all of these were projects we started or finished last year…lol…
      (Hahaha, thanks! I so didn’t want to clean that up *kicks at confetti mess*)


      1. Wait a second… if it’s imaginary/internet confetti, do we really need to clean it up?? I mean, no can see it… *gasp* I just made a break-through discovery!!!

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  5. OOOoooOOOOoooOOOOooo ALL OF THESE STORIES JUST SOUND SO FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR KAYTI’S BOOK TO RELEASE!!!!! *squeals and jumps up and down* I checked out the graphics Madi’s Musing’s did for it on Amazon and just like… IN LOVE!!! *heart eyes* It’s sooooo gooooood!!! Rissy, that spy book under news 6 I just NEED right now. It sounds sooo cool. (*cough* you totally didn’t just hook me at spies *cough, cough*) And of course I’m excited for Unfortunate Events!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eeeeeeee! Thank you sooooo much!!! I’m excited for Kayti’s book too! (Even though I’ve the whole thing multiple times…lol…) Hahaha, thanks! (Spies are just super cool…*winks*) So glad to hear it! We’re so excited too!

      Liked by 1 person

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