Book Buff Tag (Kayti Edition)

Hey everyone! How you doin’? I’ve been super busy, and then we went on vacation, and then I covered for our receptionist at work while she went on vacation, but mom was off, so I didn’t have to do my normal work and make calls; thank the Lord! But anyway, that happened, and then I was off most of this week and went back to work yesterday.

Anyway, amid all the crazy, I finished my novella! The goal was to finish it in 40 days, but I didn’t realize vacation fell in the 40 days I’d picked, so I finished in about 45 days instead of my goal, but I’m cool with that. 🙂

So, that novella is being critiqued by sisters and a friend to make it the best it can be before I ship it over to the secret project headquarters. *smiles*

But anyway, onto the post for today!


  1. Mention the creator, Mac (and link back to the original post 😉).
  2. Include the tag challenge graphic in your post.
  3. Shout out and link to whoever tagged you! Thank you Allyson Jamison!
  4. Answer each book prompt. Please include a picture of the book if possible. You may go as in-depth as to your reason behind choosing the books as you like.
  5. Tag as many people as your heart so desires!

Your favorite childhood book.

I loved this series growing up! I’ve read all the books in the series probably 30 times!

Am I obsessed with Little House? Yeah, it’s probably safe to say I am…lol…I’ve read several books on Laura Ingalls Wilder as well and really enjoyed them!

I really want to read Pioneer Girl, which is an unabridged version of Laura’s story but I haven’t quite justified spending 30 dollars for it yet…lol…

The prettiest cover you’ve ever seen.

Besides the covers my sister, Jaiden, has designed for me and us, this is my favorite cover!

The moment I first laid eyes on this cover, I was in love! I just love the sunset and the ship…the shading!

Ack, it’s such a gorgeous cover!!!!

Your favorite classic.

This one is a book I’ve read quite a bit as well…probably about 5 or 6 times, and I love it!

I haven’t read it in a few years, but it’s on my list of books to reread….I’m really hoping to do some rereading later this year…like really hoping!

Anyway, I love this one! But I have like a million and one favorite classics…haha…

A comfort read.

This is a book my dad and me picked out together when I was eight, I think…we got it on Amazon, and I read it every year around my birthday for about seven years, and then we moved, and I got access to a library and…haha…

I haven’t reread any books since….so, I seriously need to revisit this book as well!

A book you’re dying to get your hands on.

The cover reveal for this was Tuesday, and I am so stoked! I have so many books I can’t wait to get my hands on, but since the cover reveal just happened, this one has been on my mind all week!!

Ack! Isn’t it gorgeous!!! I love it, and I loved book 1 and can’t wait to snag a copy fo this beauty!

*stares at cover*

A book that’s been on your TBR so long it should start paying rent.

*ahem* Yeah, Chuck Black is one of my favorite authors, but I haven’t got around to snagging this series yet…

I’m thinking maybe this year at my birthday will be the year, but I dunno….

I’m super excited about reading them when I finally get around to it!

A book with your favorite color.

Did I leave the header blue? Yeah, because blue is my favorite!

My favorite color blue is in the waves all the way to the left on this cover….but I love blue in general…lol….but those waves are almost identical to the color blue I have in my room!

I also adore this series and this cover! *heart eyes*

A book someone made you read.

At first, I was like, “No ones made me read anything…” Then Rissy and Jaidie pointed out that mom made us read this book….

Which if you know us, you know we fell in love with the series and have read all the book multiple times and were even part of a fan site for the series and met two of our best friends over there and a ton of other awesome people!

So….do I like this book that my mom made me read? Yes, yes, I do!

A book with the most relatable MC you’ve ever read.

Technically it’s a series, but if I was to pick one book from the series I’d say, Monster in the Hollows…

But Janner is the most relatable MC I have ever come across…this one line from MitH wraps it up nicely…

“He wanted to be alone, and he wanted to be found…”

So relatable! I’m telling you guys, it hurts to read about him sometimes because he is so relatable!

A book written by your favorite auto-buy author.

I have a ton of auto-buy/auto-read authors but here is one!

This is an amzing book! Like soooooooo good! I loved it!

*hugs book*

One of my most favorites of this year! Me loves it so much! But, I also love all of Madisyn’s books and never hesitate to hit that buy button for a paperback copy!


I’m late to the game so I tag whoever wishes to do this!

But might as well go ahead and say that I tag….

Saraina Whitney

Abbigail Befus

And….let’s do…. Madisyn Carlin!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Who is an auto-buy author for you? What’s your favorite cover? Most relatable MC?

Let me know in the comments! I look forward to hearing from you!


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Hi there, my name is Kaytlin Phillips, but I go by Kayti. I'm a homeschool grad, author, reader, and child of our Gracious King!!! I have an obsession with the written word, or maybe an addiction. Ever since I can remember I have read everything I can get my hands on! I LOVE BOOKS!!! I also love writing and might have a slight obsession with pens and notebooks, don't tell anyone. I also love the smell of old books! And yes, if you're wondering, I talk to myself, I think all bookishly crazy people do...

4 thoughts on “Book Buff Tag (Kayti Edition)

  1. Aww, “An Old-Fashioned Girl” is a comfort read for me too!! I have such cozy memories of reading that! 😀 And YES, Janner is so relatable. 😭 “He wanted to be alone, and he wanted to be found…” That quote. *sobs*

    Thank you for tagging me, Kayti! 😀

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