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Hello, folks! We’re back…though, to be honest, we didn’t mean to not post last week, it just happened. Sorry about that…hehe…but today, we’re back with a tag! A tag where you guys get to learn a little bit about Kahtan!

Thanks to Allyson Jamison for the tag! You can check out her post here! And now let’s get to it!


  • Mention the creator, Anna. (pingback to the original post.)
  • Include the graphic in your post. (See above ^)
  • Thank the person that tagged you (and include the link to THEIR post so they know you’ve done the tag!).
  • Answer ahem, ask one of your characters to answer these questions! (Make sure they read all the rules too!)
  • Have your character answer all the questions.
  • Nominate as many or as few people as you like!
  • Have fun! (Because, what’s the purpose of a tag if it isn’t fun?!?!)

What’s your full name?

Kahtan Faber. Some people call me Pip, but I don’t appreciate it at all.

How old are you?

Somewhere between 15 and 16…I’ve kind of lost track over the past few months.

Where do you live? (You can be as specific as you want)

I live in the kingdom of Mazleah, specifically in the small town of Tanlono on the edge of Kinvin Forest. My father is a blacksmith, so our house connects to his forge, where he and my older brothers work. But I haven’t been home in a while now…

What has been your greatest achievement in life?

Not dying. Honestly, it has been a challenge to stay on this side of the grave, especially lately.

Do you have friends? Enemies?

I’m still trying to figure out the whole friend thing…I consider my team members as friends, so there’s Wixley and Sage and Gaven….but honestly, I don’t know if they consider me a friend. I think I would consider Lady Silena a friend as well. Oh, and of course, Master Finnick and Hurgen Brookenfast…

Enemies…well, The Dragon Prince, obviously…but I consider Nark an enemy. I really don’t like that guy…oh, and Maisley Brookenfast is a terror to be avoided at all costs. She scares me.

What’s your hobby/hobbies?

I don’t really have time for any hobbies right now…um, I used to organize steel for my father…but other than that, I’ve never really had hobbies. I just helped out doing little-nothing tasks around the forge.

How would you describe your personality? Introvert, extrovert, neat, not-so neat, etc.

Definitely an introvert, I never know what to say to people, and so I don’t say much. I like to think I’m neat, at least, compared to Wixley and Sage I am.

Describe your family. Siblings, parents, pets, etc.

(Oh dear, Kahta, keep it short. People have places to be.) Well, there are my three older brothers, Gilkin, Firrick, and Tinan. They are the best and just…I miss them a lot. Like a lot!

Then Father, he’s tall and strong and gentle, though most people don’t know it. He’s so wise, and I miss him something terrible these days.

I never really knew my mother. She died or something when I was really little. Father never really talks about her except when he says she was beautiful and I look just like her.

I miss them all…it’s been months since I last saw them. *sighs*

Walnuts and Brownies, yay or nay? (I feel like this is an important question)

What are these brownies you speak of? I feel like I’m gonna have to ask Maisley what that is…*shivers* or not. Walnuts sound good, though…so perhaps walnuts in a brownie, whatever that is, would be good.

Favorite book to read? Or if you don’t like to read, something else you like to do?

I think if I was given a chance to read I would like it. We never have time for alone time these days. It’s training or fighting or running from fires and trying not to die or…a hundred other things like trying to get the heir of Mazleah to the throne. *runs a hand through his hair*

BONUS! If you had a choice, what would you tell your author? Would you want her to change your story? Explain.

That’s a hard question, and the answer is… Yes! Literally, they threw my whole life out of whack, and then all it’s been since then is trying to evade death and trying to keep my friends from dying too! I mean, I never would have met Gaven or Sage or anyone if not for them….so there’s that. But there is also the whole never would have left my family either. *rubs toe of boot in the dirt* I’m really not sure….that’s a very hard call.

I think the biggest thing I would change right now would be to remove Nark from my life…Son of a Dragon, he gets on my last nerve. *crosses arms*

Alright, that was super fun! As you can tell, Kahtan is a little bit of a complainer…but he’s super fun to write…lol…

Okay, we’re tagging….

Abbigail Raine B.

Rose Q. Adams

Saraina Whitney

Kristina Hall

Vanessa Hall

If you’ve tagged before consider this a chance to do another character!

Would you guys like to see more characters done in a similar fashion? Like maybe we should interview the boys over the next few months leading up to the release? And even some side characters from our personal projects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Yours in Stories and Dreams,

Sisters Three

(P.S. what do you think of the sign-off, “Yours in Stories and Dreams?”)

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13 thoughts on “Get to Know My Character Tag

  1. Oh man, I loved this!!!! My dear Kahtan!!!!! *hugs him* I was about ready to laugh when I saw not getting killed was his greatest accomplishment…but seeing what he went through in UF, I’m realizing that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment. Poor boy! Not to mention what I’m sure is going to happen in PoV! (As in…more bad stuff. *sighs and pats his back*) Awww, I bet he misses his family – I mean, even I do!!!! 😭

    Thank you so much for the tag!!! I can’t wait to do it!! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, yes!!! Poor guy *dust him off and sets him with other characters* Well, relatively speaking, Kahtan has an easier time in PoV…We mean, there’s only so much the poor boy can take…Yes, his family…we know you do…

      Of course!!! We can’t wait to see yours!!! Thank you!


  2. I love this post! It was fun to get to know Kahtah a bit!
    I’ve never heard “Yours in stories and dreams” before, but it sounds quaint and whimsical. I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

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