Bound and Determined Cover Reveal!!!

Hello folks! Gonna clear something we’ve never cleared up, not all people in the south say howdy, not how that works. Just like not all pirates say “ahoy mate”. Speaking of pirates….

The lovely, amazing, romance master, Indie author Grace A. Johnson is releasing the third book in her Daughters of the Seven Seas Series this year!!! And we’re here to participate in the cover reveal!!! Eeeek, this cover guys!!!!

Yeah, it’s never that easy…lol…anyway, if you want to stay up to date with what the lovely Miss Johnson is doing you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, or on her Blog!

Guys, we have been hearing great things about BAD aka Bound and Determined! And though none of us read romance, except for Kayti who is super excited, we gotta say this cover looks amazing!!!

Here’s the blurb and the cover for you guys…this is just awesome!!! And can we say the other books look great too!!!!


She’s bound to find her sister, and he’s determined to help her.

A wicked twist of fate—or perhaps the hand of God—has landed Captain Rina Bennet in the most precarious situation yet. When her husband and the father of her twin boys leaves at the behest of a family friend, she is left to take charge of the ship she has not sailed on in two years, alongside her two toddlers. She finds herself between a rock and a hard place when her first voyage drastically turns into a rescue mission, leaving her to the ghosts of her old life.

Daisy Sharow has risked it all by escaping from her owner’s tavern in search of her sister. Following God’s direction, she seeks out the only person she trusts to help her: Keaton Clarke. When Daisy stows away aboard the Rina, quartermaster Keaton is faced with a ghost from his past and a decision neither he nor Rina are prepared to make.

Rina has to make a judgment call when the ghosts come knocking, a call that could mean either life or death—for both an innocent girl and herself. Can Daisy, Keaton, and Rina band together to save Daisy’s sister…or is the risk too great?

Eeek!!! That just sounds soooooo great!!!! You can add Bound and Determined to your to read list on Goodreads!

And may we suggest reading books 1 and 2… Held Captive and Prisoner at Heart.

Okay, and the cover!!!

About the Author:

Grace A. Johnson is a teenage Christian fiction authoress, book reviewer, and avid reader. She lives in beautiful (but humid) South Georgia, surrounded by farmland and forestry, with her parents and six younger siblings. She has written four novels, three of which are published, and a smattering of short stories and novellas, which you can find on Amazon. She’s also a homeschooler who loves learning about history, linguistics, art, and the world around her. You can find her on Goodreads, Pinterest, BookBub, or blogging on her website at Join her for a virtual cup of tea and a free preview of her debut novel when you sign up for her e-newsletter!

Well, what did you guys think? Are you excited? Isn’t that cover stunning? It goes so well with the others in the series, doesn’t it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!!!


Sisters Three

Published by Sisters Three

Hi, we're Kayti, Rissy, and Jaidie, a writing trio of sisters, living in the Southern Appalachians of Western North Carolina. The three of us are as thick as thieves as they say, whoever "they" are. We have four older siblings, a controlling German Shorthaired Pointer named Ruger, and a Mini Lop rabbit named Smallsy-Jo. We're homeschooled by our amazing mom and our dad is a pastor and avid plant hunter. Our dad encouraged us to start writing after he heard an elaborate story we made up, so we started writing things down, and eventually the things we wrote down actually made sense and now we're writers! Or aspiring writers anyway.

22 thoughts on “Bound and Determined Cover Reveal!!!

  1. Yes, yes, yes, that cover IS stunning!!!!!! 😀 It’s so pretty to look at!!!!!😍 I agree that it goes well with the covers of the first two books!!! 😉 And the girl on the cover has such pretty blond hair!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. EEEEEE IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lol thanks for clearing that up! I’ve hear a lot of people in the country say howdy too… I’ve never gotten into saying it though. 😂)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Es sehr schön!!! (It is very beautiful! ;D)

    I can’t help but notice the three covers are all the primary colors. That’s so fun!

    Btw, just curious about when you guys’ll have the results for the HiS anthology? All us writers are getting antsy!!! (Er, at least I am. 😅) I’m excited for that! And I’m sooo excited for Grace! YAY GRACE!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We know! They go so well together!!!

      Uhh, working on that. We actually read your story recently….we’re working on it. It’s been crazy with all the projects we’ve got going, but hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

      Liked by 1 person

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