The Bookworm Tag Round #2

Hey-oh guys! Nothing too exciting over here…just a tag or two, which was really fun actually! Also, you know we said we were almost at 100 subscribers…well, we’re 8 away!!!! We’re going to do something exciting (yet to be decided exciting) once we hit 100!!!! So, if you can help us reach our goal that’d be awesome!

So, now onto the tag!

De Rules

  1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you. ( Joelle from The Sword of the Pen Maiden and Grace over at Of Blades and Thorns! Thank you guys so much for the tag, two months ago…lol…(Also, Grace we will get to your more recent tag soon…hopefully…haha) Thanks again, girls!)
  2. Include the tag graphic in your post
  3. Answer the ten questions the blogger asked
  4. Nominate between five and ten bloggers
  5. Ask your nominees ten book-related questions!
  6. Don’t feel bound to these rules
  7. (Most importantly) Have fun!

Joelle’s Questions:

  • Did you ever read a book twice in a row?

Book series count? We finished The Green Ember Series and then literally restarted it a day later…lol…Of course, we had nothing better to do as we were in the middle of a move and we didn’t have any other books and there was a lot going on, and listening to a book was comforting and Picket was relatable! (Yes, notice we said nothing of Heather…lol…)

  • What would you retitle a book you like and why?

We’re with Joelle on renaming Wingfeather Tales (Even though we haven’t finished it…need to do that…lol…) Wingfeather Tales just doesn’t seem quite right, we like her suggestion of Aerwiar Tales or Tales from Aewiar….

  • Would you buy a book just because the cover is beautiful?

No, a lot of really bad books have pretty covers….so yeah, no. We definitely don’t want anything on our shelf we’d be ashamed for our dad or mom to pick up.

  • Paperback, hardback, audiobook, or ebook?

We like the Hardbacks that don’t have sleeves….just a hardback with the beautiful cover printed on the hard part and no sleeve, sleeves are aggravating and we’re always afraid we’ll ruin them…lol….

  • What is the name you would choose if you could name the child of a character you like?

So, we’ve actually done this….lol….We’re part of a Green Ember fansite (Shout out to our New Seddleton friends!) and we wrote a few fanfics…without spoiling the ending of anything, we can’t say some of the names….but some loved characters would have minis!

  • When a character says something you don’t like, have you ever mocked them out of annoyance?

Lol….both in movies and books…sometimes it’s like you read over that fifty times in editing and that’s what you kept for the character to say? Haha…we have so many inside jokes about things books characters, movie characters, and commercials say that it’s not even funny guys…haha…okay, maybe it is.

  • What is the ideal length of a series for you?

Three to four….though three is technically a Trilogy…whatever…lol…sometimes we want more, but it’s like…ehh, that might go downhill.

  • Have you ever secretly enjoyed a hated cliche?

Probably, we know we really like the guy saves the girl…we just love the dynamic of that one. It’s so sweet!!! Sure the girl could save the guy, but we hate when that happens because it’s like the guy isn’t strong enough to take care of himself. We hate when men are portrayed as weak and stupid…

  • What is a series you want to read that is high on your TBR?

Huh, let us think….oh! The Starlore Legacy by Chuck Black! We’ve been waiting forever to read that one!!! Our library doesn’t have it…and then it’s not on audible either….bummer…Chuck Black has cool audiobooks.

  • If you could choose five characters to put in a book together, who would they be and why?

Oooo, that’s fun! Let’s see…hmmm, maybe Sage from The Ascendance Series, Jo from The Green Ember Series and The Green Ember Archer Series (Yeah, Jo got his own series! He’s awesome!!!), Legolas and Gimli from LotR, and….hmm, Tink from Wingfeather Saga.

The reason why??? All these guys are so fun! They all are either hilarious or sarcastic or both! And it would be a blast you guys…lol…we’re laughing so hard just thinking about it!

Grace’s Questions:

  • Book to movie adaption or book to TV series?

We haven’t really seen any book to tv series (at least not books we read…lol…) so movies we guess…lol…but tv series would be cool!

  • Would you rather…be in your favorite book or write the book?

Be in it…would not want to write it because then it probably wouldn’t be a favorite…lol…but we’d want to be at the end of the book, where everyone is living happily ever after…lol….

  • What’s the most you’ve read in one sitting?

Rissy says half a book, Jaidie half a book says she could read a whole book in one sitting but it wouldn’t be enjoyable….Kayti, a whole book. Grant it, the book was only around two hundred pages but still…

  • Favorite bookish merch/swag?

T-shirts and bookmarks!!! Stickers are cool too! We like stickers…lol….

  • Worst. Book. Ever. In your opinion?

Hmmm….*hides under the table, not sure we want to answer this…lol….* Wings of Fire *hides under the table again, please nobody hurt us…it’s not the book itself but the gore content that made us sick…sorry!*

  • Most recent DNF (Did Not Finish)?

Kayti – Dragon Slippers, the mentions of gods were just making me uncomfortable so I DNF halfway through….Jaidie has never had a DNF because she only reads books Kayti has read and thus never reads anything not worth finishing….Rissy hasn’t DNFed a book in a while…lol….

  • What’s your most unpopular bookish opinion? (Just…don’t say anything bad about Jane Austen, okay? I’m sensitive in that area. XD)

(Don’t worry not gonna knock Jane Austen *winks*) Probably that we don’t like high gore content or many romance books *sees Grace gasp* we have unpopular opinions on dating so we don’t agree with most people…and hate the whole love at first sight and uncontrollable passion stuff…but if a romance is done well Kayti likes it…lol…

  • Have you ever cosplayed as your favorite character(s)?

Probably have….but we’re not familiar with that term…is it like roleplaying?

  • What’s your favorite book setting (time, world, country, etc.)?

Don’t really have one….we like fictional worlds, we like our world, and as long as the book is good we don’t really care…lol…

  • If you could be the main character of any book, which one would it be?

None of them…lol…have you seen what people do to their main characters? It is not pretty and we would not want to be those characters…lol…yep, gonna stick with our ‘boring’ life…hahaha….

In Closing

Done! Okay, that was fun! If you could be the main character in any book, which one would it be? Book to movie or tv series? Do you know what cosplaying is? Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments!


Sisters Three

Published by Sisters Three

Hi, we're Kayti, Rissy, and Jaidie, a writing trio of sisters, living in the Southern Appalachians of Western North Carolina. The three of us are as thick as thieves as they say, whoever "they" are. We have four older siblings, a controlling German Shorthaired Pointer named Ruger, and a Mini Lop rabbit named Smallsy-Jo. We're homeschooled by our amazing mom and our dad is a pastor and avid plant hunter. Our dad encouraged us to start writing after he heard an elaborate story we made up, so we started writing things down, and eventually the things we wrote down actually made sense and now we're writers! Or aspiring writers anyway.

17 thoughts on “The Bookworm Tag Round #2

  1. Wait…….Wings of Fire??? My cousin’s favorite books!!! 😀 I read the first 3 and I agree that they were kinda violent for kid books, BUT I didn’t know they got that bad. As I said, I read only the first 3 books in the series. I’ll have to see if they get really bad. If so I’ll tell my cousin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, we’ve heard the Graphic Novel side isn’t as bad…but, we read the other version and it was gross, we didn’t finish book 1…but we’ve heard the latter series includes other not very Christian things…


      1. Okay.
        By the way, I SO TOTALLY agree with you about romance books! It has to be real, yet sweet, and I hate when authors mention Christian stuff in the books sometimes…but not enough. It drives me nuts. Yeah, and loving someone at first sight just cause you think they’re pretty isn’t love! Uhhh, it’s so annoying. I mean, we’re supposed to be lights in this world – we should represent God’s love in our books, not other things that have nothing to do with love. So I’m with you on the unpopular opinion of romance books. But I’m okay with romance as long as it’s God honoring.
        (Sorry for rambling).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yay!!! Yes!! To like everything you just said!!! *Points at you* Somebody gets us!!!! They really get us!!! *Ceases pointing and retreats to secluded cave to escape the now starting people* Lol…but really so glad you agree!
        (Rambling is totally fine…we do it alllllllllllllllllllllll the time…lol…plus, that was a great ramble! 😉 )


  2. I think this is the most fun I’ve had reading one of your posts yet! (Also, only ONE book in a sitting? I used to stay up all night and go through 5 books. Or more. I was very sleep deprived.)

    I LOVE when the guy saved the girl! Even if it’s in tiny ways that are just sweet and not actually a major part of the book. But it can be really funny when the girl saves the guy too, and the guy is too arrogant to admit it.

    Definitely book to tv series. I would love if they did something like that with Harry Potter, they skipped way too much in the movies. And the movies are kinda freaky too, so preferably a more kid-friendly version.

    If I had to be a main character, Ben from Spy School. I’d say Erika, but she’s technically not the main character and Ben is brainy so that’s cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, glad to hear it was enjoyable! 🙂 (lol…yep. Our parents are very firm on making sure we get enough sleep and are out of the bed before 7:45 every morning so staying up all night and reading is not an option.)

      Yes! Guy saves girl is just classic and beautiful! We’re not big on that side…but an occasional girl saves guy is fine, as long as it’s mutual and very clear that the girl is not stronger than the guy.

      Awe, we see….we don’t watch Harry Potter, or read it, but we could see how that would be aggravating.

      Sounds cool! Brainy characters are always fun! Thanks for reading!


  3. Geez. I don’t think I could ever be a MC. I feel like I’d just ruin the whole thing….now, side character, well that’s a different story lol. If my MCs were real, they’d probably hate me for what I did to them.

    I enjoy a good, well written guy saves girl cliche. Call it weird for my personality, but I do secretly enjoy that…so your not alone in that one lol!

    Wings of Fire was not my fav either. It got too gory and I just couldn’t see any hope in it. Now, then again, I’m not one for gory content. If I’m gonna read a piece of literature, I’m gonna keep my mind clean and pure by Christ-like standards (sorry, didn’t mean to get preachy lol). Not to mention it gives my stomach a queasy feeling and my spirit is just thrown way out of wack for days afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol…same! The spotlight is not where we want to be…haha…same! We think our MC’s might gang up and hunt us down…lol…

      Yes! Same when well written it’s so awesome and sweet! *melts*

      We are totally with you on all that girl! (Don’t worry about it, pastor kids here preachiness does not bother us at all… 🙂 ) We totally agree!


  4. *gasps* *sobs* *sighs* *forgives y’all*

    *clears throat*

    LOVED y’all’s answers, and don’t worry about getting to the next tag! Y’all take your time! (I totally get it!) And cosplaying is basically just dressing up as someone from a book or movie or what have you! 😀 Thanks for doing the tag, you guys!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *pats you on back consolingly as we mutter apologies*

      Thank you!!! SO glad you enjoyed it!!! Okay, thanks…we’re like….way behind!!! Lol….Okay, yep, never done that….lol…of course! Thanks for tagging us it was so fun!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ohh yes hardcovers are so beautiful!!! And I agree about the about the no-sleeves thing! 😉 And YAY, someone else who has inside jokes about commercials!!! (My family has that too. 😂) Yeah, I love the guy saves the girl cliche too! *high fives you* Hahaha, “have you seen what people do to their main characters?” I KNOW. It’s crazy. I mean, totally not like I do it too, of course. 😜

    AWESOME post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Yeah, sleeves and us don’t mix well…lol…Yay! Glad we’re not the only ones…lol… Yay! *high fives* Haha, same…we never do anything like that to our main characters *MCs now glaring at us with arms crossed* What?!

      Thank you so much!


  6. I love your answers, guys! This was interesting!

    Cosplaying is when you literally dress up, head-to-toe, as a character and go around acting like them for the day. I’ve heard that there are parts of Japan that get pretty die-hard about it. Like districts where everyone is dressed up, or cafes where all the employees are cosplaying… It looks weird to me, honestly. I mean, it would be interesting for five minutes, maybe, but… Some people are really idolatrous about cosplay, and it makes it kinda creepy. (Sorry about my mini-rant… 😅)

    I don’t know what MC I would be!… I feel like I would ruin their role, lol. I would love to be as observant as Sherlock Holmes, though!

    Book to TV series. Movies almost always leave out my favorite parts due to time-constraint. (THEY LEFT. OUT. TOM. BOMBADIL. IN THE LOTR MOVIES!!! AND QUICKBEAM! ARGH! And they completely ruined Elrond, Arwen, and Aragorn. And Treebeard! He was one of my favorites!!! *begins shaking Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers books at the movie studio with tears in my eyes*

    I mean, productions always do change things (like the BBC Jane Eyre changed the fortune-teller scene…. Guys, that part is GOLD in the book!), but sometimes it makes it just as enjoyable. I really like the When Marnie Was There movie, even though they changed things. (I love the Lindsays in the book, but Sayaka is adorable too!)

    …..Okay, someone please explain why my comments are always so long? *everyone simultaneously yells that it’s because I talk too much*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

      Gotcha, yep…never done that…lol…(rant on if you need to…lol…)

      Hahaha, same girl! Oh, that might be nice…

      Hahaha, with you there girl!!! *Shakes books at them* This is so true…

      Hahaha, we don’t mind the long comments at all! It is totally acceptable over here…lol…


  7. Honestly I couldn’t care less for the ‘boy saves girl’ trope, because I like it when the two characters are equal regardless of gender and both save/help each other out. For example, the boy gets overwhelmed by the villains and the girl jumps into the fight and together they win.

    And Wings of Fire… I’m fine with gore-y content it doesn’t really bother me, but I didn’t like the series either. The first series was decent, the first book of the second series was amazing, then it went downhill. It did teach me how to draw dragons though.

    Also for the last question, one I have that’s a little similar is “Would you get along with your main character?” Because at first most people are like “Yeah, of course we’d get along”, but then consider that they find out about what you’ve done to them in your writing…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To each their own, or as our mom says it takes all kinds of people to make a world…lol…that’s a good trope too, but call us old-fashioned in that we like to see a guy rescue the girl…lol…

      That’s what we had heard from others that the series goes downhill, so we don’t think were missing much…lol…At least you have a plus side!

      OH, that’s a good thought…our MCs would probably hate us…lol…but if they didn’t know that we were the ones who did it to them, we might get along… depending on which MC it is…haha…


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