World of Silence Blog Tour! Character Interviews: Fledge and Galexia

Ello Mates! Today I be bringin’ ye a bit of fun! Me had the great pleasure of interviewing me sister, author of World of Silence! Well, actually me interviewed her characters…haha…Fledge and Galexia. Withoot further chit-chat here ye be!

Fledge’s Interview:

How would you describe yourself?

Stubborn is definitely at the top of the list, I have to be. If I don’t stand up for myself then I’d never be allowed to do anything. I like to think I’m brave, but deep down I know I’m not. But I’d say the word that sums me up is misunderstood because nobody knows what it’s like to be me.

Have you ever wanted to meet other people like you?

Sure, doesn’t everyone want to know there’s a place they fit? I’d love to know people like me, to learn how they overcame the obstacles in their paths and how they find the courage to live in this world of silence.

Was there ever a time you were mad at your father for being gone?

Yes. But more mad at the King than anything. He’s the one who insisted all able-bodied men join in his war. But I was also proud of my Father for helping protect the kingdom.

What’s your greatest fear outside of not being able to hear?

Dying without ever doing anything worth anything. I don’t want to leave the world without having done something worthwhile, without having had a purpose.

If the whole world would listen to you speak, what would you say?

I would want to tell them that I’m not dumb, not stupid, not useless. That I, and people like me, can do incredible things! That we can help if only they will let us, if only they will recognize our potential. No one is simply made, we were all made for a reason, a purpose.

If you had the chance to hear one sound, what would you want it to be?

My parents. I want to know what their voices sound like, what it is like to have them say something to you, and know that everything is going to be okay. To have them whisper something in my ear before bed…it’s the one sound I long for more than anything.

Why do you have a soft spot for the dragons?

Because they are misunderstood just like me. But I can’t go into detail on this or my author would get me, and we all know she’s put me through enough as it is.

How would you describe your friendship with Hayden?

It’s an easy friendship, one I don’t think will ever end. He understands me in a way that most people never even try to. He get’s me and includes me, doesn’t think I’m useless. I like that. And I appreciate his skill with a sword, his kindness, and his easy way of communicating.

What’s your favorite color?

Definitely not brown. The bunker was and is too brown for my liking, brown now makes me feel trapped. My favorite color would have to be green. The color of growth and life. The color that shows us even the most broken can come back all the more beautiful.

Galexia’s Interview:

Why are you without fire?

I’m not entirely sure…all I know is I lost it when I had barely reached dragon maturity. The Elders said something in The Fire Blessing ceremony must have gone wrong.

What made you nice, instead of…you know eating people like most dragons?

The people seemed just as confused as I was…and they were unusual. More scared of me, than anything. Fledge was different…something about him was…special.

How do your spots glow? They’re like little lightning bugs so pretty! Sorry, off track….

Haha, good question and one I’m not sure I can answer. In all honesty, I’m not sure. It’s something to do with the type of dragon I am. I’m a Starling and therefore I have spots that glow. The glowing spots on a Starling can be all different colors like my father has green ones.

What do you think about Fledge? Is he annoying? Or fine? Or does he get on your nerves? Off-track….

Fledge is inspiring. He has so much courage for one so small. I admire him and don’t find him in the least bit annoying, I find him quite intriguing…

How would describe your friendship with Fledge?

At first, it was more of a way for both of us to survive…but now, I’d say he is one of my best friends. The lengths he went through in order to help me…wow! I love this little guy!

What is your favorite color? Do dragons have favorite colors? If you do please tell me it’s green!

Well, I’m not entirely sure we dragons pick favorite colors…but I am quite fond of the color of the sky…something so happy and inviting about it. Sorry, green is nice…but sky blue is so much…um, more…inviting?

Who would you consider a best friend? Besides Fledge, of course…

Solar Flare, she was very nice to me. As was Hotaru.

Would you consider yourself a leader?

I can lead when I need to, but it isn’t easy…but I am willing to lead when necessary.

Name 12 things that describe your personality? (Wow, that’s a lot…)

Wow! Um, Thoughtful, protective, sad, burdened, caring, gentle, bright, understanding, lost, hopeful, wandering, purposeful. There!

Do you like ice cream as much as Kayti does? Because, you know, Kayti really loves ice cream…lol…

Hmmm, this substance you call ice cream sounds most delicious! I wonder why Kayti hasn’t given any to me?

Extra question: Do you like Adara? Just curious….

Ehh, she is okay. Lots of fire for one so young, a bit reckless perhaps but I think she means well. I like Solar Flare better…

So there is the interviews!!! Galexia is my lassie!!! Me loves her!!!! Lol…I hope you guys enjoyed these interviews!!!!

What do you think of Galexia and Fledge? Are you going to read World of Silence? Do you like dragons? Because I LOVE them!!!

Okay, here’s the tour schedule and about the book and bunch of other info dumped right here!

About the Book!

Silence. Complete silence. That was all I heard.
Fledge Owenby is a deaf archer struggling to be seen for his potential instead of his disability. When forgotten and left behind during a dragon attack, he thinks it is the chance to prove himself that he has been waiting for. But who knew one trip out of the bunker would change everything?
Saved from evil dragons by a dragoness, Fledge wonders why she would help him and soon discovers how similar they are. He is deaf and she is without fire. Drawn together by a bond, not even he can understand, Fledge and Galexia are unwittingly pulled into adventure.
Betrayal of the highest level, deception, and a war that never should have been. Fledge must find a way to end it all while trying to be seen as the boy he is, instead of the disability he has. 


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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I absolutely love this interview with Fledge and Galexia!!! (HAHA, she’s my lassie too, Rissy 😉 ) And “that substance you call ice cream”… too funny!! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much! So glad you liked it! (Lol…yes! She da best!) Lol….I know! Kayti loosened up and let her humor come out…haha…

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    1. So glad you enjoyed them! Lol…yes! Galexia seems to be a fan favorite! (And I’m all in for a ride if anyone can figure out how to get her out of the book…lol…)

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