Exciting News!!!

Hey-Oh guys! So, I have some exciting news! I am writing a collection of dragon-themed short stories! (Keep reading to find the epic title of the collection 😉 )And I’m hoping to work on publishing it, once I finish all the stories! Eeeeeeee! I’m so excited!

Why am I suddenly doing this? You may ask. Well, you see I wrote this short story for the blog and was like ‘Hey, Kayti, Rissy, can y’all read this short story I wrote for the blog?’ and of course they did, but when they finished they were like ‘Jaidie, this is really good, you should publish it one day!” and I was like ‘But guys, this is my blog post and if I post it on the blog I can’t publish it right?’ and they were like ‘How about you write more stories to go with that and than your blog post can be like a teaser? And you could keep everyone updated and stuff?’ and of course I was super excited about the idea of publishing something so here we are. Of course, it’s gonna take a few months before I’m done getting everything ready, but I’m so pumped about this, you guys! Anyway, here’s I clip from my first story When You Believe.

   Have you ever wondered if dragons were real? Like maybe they do exist and we just don’t see them or maybe we don’t see them because we don’t believe in them? Like they are there, but they don’t want us to know? Perhaps they just stay hidden in the trees or maybe they’re invisible? Maybe they live in the clouds or the ocean? Maybe they’re camouflaged? Perhaps you just don’t see them unless you believe in them?

   These were the kind of thoughts that raced through my twelve year-old mind, as I stared out the car window. I vaguely heard my parents talking in the front, my sister’s music through her headphones and my brother’s video game noises. I tried to ignore all the sounds around me, which was surprisingly easy since I was so absorbed in my thoughts. My Mom said I had an overactive imagination, whatever that meant, I mean didn’t everyone think about the impossible? Didn’t everyone think about what might be out there? Didn’t everyone think about magic and dragons and knights? Didn’t everyone…Dream?

   So, that’s all the clippies I’m giving right now…Mwahaha…. 😉 Anyway, I can’t wait to work more on this project! Now for more info.

The collection will have five epic dragon stories, that will hopefully be good…lol…

The collection will, hopefully, have some illustrations, that is if I don’t chicken out on that part 😉 .

All the stories will contain dragons duh…hahaha…..

And now for the title…….

You know what on second thought maybe I won’t tell you yet hmmmmmmmm………..

Let me thinks……….

Hold that thought…………………


Nah, why not??

Okay, and the title is…….

’drum roll please’……

Imagine Dragons

Tah-dah! What do you guys think?? I would really like to know y’alls thoughts! What did you think of the clip? Do you like the name? Have I gone insane? What are your thoughts? Please, please let me know what y’all think! Oh, and if any of you have any tips on advertising please let me know!

Are you guys excited or am I insane?

What are your thoughts on this whole thing? Please be honest I need all the help I can get! Thank you for your time!

God bless!

Jaidie/ the dragon nerd who has no idea what I’m getting myself into…lol….signing out…have a wonderful week! Bye!

Published by Jaidie

Ello everyone, my name is Jaiden Phillips but I like being called Jaidie because it sounds fun! I love music, movies, rainbows, chocolate of any kind, and BOOKS, of course! I also love dogs, horses, any kind of big cat, foxes, bunnies, and dragons. I love, like love DRAGONS if they were real I'd so have one! I like to pass the time listening to music, writing, reading, drawing, I love drawing! Especially dragons and bunnies. I also like goofing off and talking non-stop to my sisters about the books I'm reading. Yeah, that's all I have to say about myself so bye!

16 thoughts on “Exciting News!!!

  1. Hey Jaidie! That’s such exciting news! I’m so happy for you, girl!!! Did you do that dragon yourself?! That’s a really great illustration!

    Are you going to self-pub through Amazon?

    I suppose my advice would be two things: find someone that you trust to give you encouraging, but honest feedback on your work, and know what age range you’re targeting.

    As for advertisements, I haven’t really done something like that, though I’ve seen that you often have to pay for that. Maybe consider a blog tour to get the word out instead? There’s this blog called ‘Mixtus Media’; the lady gives a lot of helpful tips on how to connect with readers/writers, organize tours, etc. if you’re interested.

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    1. Yes! I did do the dragon myself about six months ago…my style is a little different now and I’m better with the digital app because that was my first picture on that app…lol…Thank you!

      Um, maybe Amazon or Draft2Digital, I’m leaning more toward D2D because they distribute your books to Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, and such….so maybe I’ll go with them.

      Thank you! Sure will!

      Wow! Thanks so much for all the tips!!! I’ll have to check that blog out…


      1. No problem, I hope it will be helpful!

        Which digital app do you use for your artwork?

        Ah, I’ve heard of D2D, but haven’t tried it yet. Let me know how it works out! 🙂

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      2. I’m sure will be!!!

        I use Krita, a friend recommended it to me and I tried it out and love it! So many brushes, settings, textures, colors….lol…an artist dream!

        Sure thing! 🙂


  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m SO excited!!!! That teaser was just incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, this is going to be so good!!! the title “Imagine Dragons” is very cool and fitting!! I saw Joelle’s comment and that’s good you are safe as long as you don’t start a band with that name, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you!!!!!!!! Eeee, I’m glad you’re excited!!! I’m excited too!!!! Aww, thank you!!!! Right, but man starting a band called Imagine Dragons was my one dream…


  3. Ooh great idea Jaidie!! Unfortunately, you’re going to need to change the title or add a subtitle or something, I think. It’s REALLY good, but there’s a band called that and they’re pretty popular. 😦



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    1. Thanks so much Joelle!!! Aww, thanks for the heads up! Me and my sisters are looking into the title, cause we like some Imagine Dragon songs…so, it does have a subtitle Imagine Dragons: A Collection of Dragon Short Stories….and so far we’ve found nothing that idcates I can’t name my book that….Band names can only be trademarked, not copyrighted, sooo, that means as long as I don’t name a band Imagine Dragons, I should be fine…especially with the subtitle….Thanks so much bring that to my attention though!
      Also, we learned that the band Imagine Dragons is an anagram…so it stands for something….who knew…lol….

      I’m so glad you’re excited!!!!

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      1. Right!

        (Maybe…as long as I don’t lose confidence….I drew that cover pic….about six months ago….I like drawing dragons so we’ll see….)

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