The Three Best Kinds of Sidekicks! (In my Opinion)

We had you guys submit the things you would most like to know about writing sidekicks, heroes, and villains, but before we dive into that we’re going to present you with our favorite…

Fan Art!!! World of Silence Blog Tour!

We don’t usually post on Sunday’s, but this is an exception.

Hey-Oh folks! So, Kayti asked me to cover a day of the blog tour…and I was like, ugh? What am I supposed to do?

Honest Review of Pixars Turning Red

Okay, so I haven’t written a post in a long time because I didn’t know what to write, up until last night when my sisters and I decided to watch Turning Red. It was awful, and I….

7 Movies Every Fantasy Writer Should Watch When Writer’s Block Hits (Plus Bonus Movies for Character/Plot Development)

Hey-oh guys, I don’t know quite where this idea came from, but it came, so I thought I’d do it. As a writer, I get ideas from everything, but most of the ideas come from sitting down and watching a good action-packed movie. It helps a lot when I have writer’s block we all get it, right? (If you don’t get writer’s block, you’re awesome!)

Voice in the Darkness

I felt my way down the hall running my hand along the smooth surface of the trim. I felt the dust collecting on the tips of my fingers, heard the floor beneath me creak, smelled the mold within the age-old walls. You might be waiting for me to say what I saw but sadly I cannot because I didn’t see anything.