Liebster Award #3

So, this is incredibly terribly horribly overdue (and not only because it was supposed to post yesterday…lol…) Kylie Beevers tagged us for this like, three months ago!!! Lol…we kind of filled it out and forgot about it and found some other tags from June! *Ducks heads in embarrassment*

Liebster Award #2

Wow! We waited a while to do this one…lol…well, technically we did, we just haven’t posted it. Why? You might ask, nobody knows…except that we forgot or when we remembered we didn’t want to do it at the moment….haha…thanks for hanging with us the last week or so as the blog was virtually dead…our dog has been sick, so, we’ve been taking care of him. Thank goodness he’s on the mend now!

The Liebster Award

We’ve been nominated twice!!!! (Well, four times actually so the others will have to wait for another post…lol…) Also, exciting news!!! We looked at the number of subscribers we have and folks, we are one away from 50!!!! So, if you’ve been enjoying our blog and aren’t subscribed we’d appreciate it if you’d tip us over that iceberg!