My Art Journey, Your Art Journey (Plus Emotional Commotion Teaser Art!)

Hey-Oh everyone! How is your week? Excited about the weekend? I am! Endless time to draw and write, ah, I love the weekend!

So, I don’t usually do art posts, because honestly, I’m still learning, but lately I’ve felt that God was calling me to do more art posts for beginner artists. So, I asked you guys if you would like to see more art post and was honestly really encouraged by the responses!

100 Subscriber Q&A

Wow! It has been a whirlwind around our place lately…whew. Honestly, we wish we could explain how it’s been a whirlwind but we don’t remember half the reasons…

How to Train Your Dragon Fanart!

Whoop-whoop! Okay, I got distracted, forgot I had to write a blog post, and spent all my spare time drawing *ahem* HTTYD fanart…*Grins Sheepishly* So, that’s what you guys are getting today! That and a slight update/thank you at the end of the post! Now, let’s get started!!! Who loves HTTYD? You can’t possibly loveContinue reading “How to Train Your Dragon Fanart!”

How to Write a Sidekick 101

Well, that’s one of the trickiest parts of writing sidekicks, making sure they don’t steal the spotlight. They have to be well developed themselves, such as backstories, humor, and anything your MC has needs to be established…

The Three Best Kinds of Sidekicks! (In my Opinion)

We had you guys submit the things you would most like to know about writing sidekicks, heroes, and villains, but before we dive into that we’re going to present you with our favorite…